Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Cardboard Bank

I'm experiencing another productive period. This is the second Wild West building in two days. I think this one will be the bank. We need a good objective for the outlaws to hit and the lawmen to protect, and I thought a bank provided a great movie-esque backdrop.

You'll see that I threw in a couple of Foundry miniatures for scale. Also, I tried something new on this building. The sides and back have been scored to imitate brick. I'm going to use thin card to hide the seems on the two back edges. With the right coat of paint, it should look like a very convincing brick wall.

The other side.

And back to the front.

Here's the last building (from yesterday). It's nice to know that they fit together nicely, in case I want to create a tightly-packed front street. (And if I keep building at this rate, I just might have enough in a couple of months)

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