Monday, December 29, 2008

Khador vs. Menoth - 1000 point destruction

Last week, Ken and I played our first 1000 point game; my Cygnar vs. Ken's Menoth. Playing my first 1000-pointer (with 10-minute turn limits) was very mentally taxing, so I never even attempted to take any pictures.

However, Keir was in St. John's for Xmas week, so we arranged a 1000-point battle between his Khador and Ken's Menoth. I took the opportunity to photograph the spectacle. Here's a shot looking down the Menothian line. Pretty intimidating!

1000 pt Horde of Menoth:
Grand Exemplar Kreoss (Crusader x 1, Devout x 2), Grand Scrutator Severius (Redeemer, Revenger x 2), High Paladin Dartan Vilmon, Paladin of the Order of the Wall x 1, Vassal of Menoth x 1, Choir of Menoth x 6, Holy Zealots x 10 (w/MB), Knights Exemplar x 6, Temple Flameguard x 10 (incl. SB & Off), Orin Midwinter, Rupert Carvolo.

And then there was the Khadorean sledgehammer...

1000 pt Khadorean Strike Force:
Vlad the Dark Prince (Behemoth x 1, Warhound x 1), Kommander Sorscha (Warhound x 1), 1st Kovnik (Spriggan x 1), 2nd Kovnik (Destroyer x 1), Uhlans x 3, Widowmakers x 4, Greylords x 3, Winterguard Field Gun x 1, Eiryss, Drakun (w/ dismount) x 1, Field Mechaniks x 4.

But first a confession...

Here's the thing. I was using a new camera that I wasn't familiar with, so half of the pics came out blurry and were deleted. Secondly, Stu was sitting next to me chatting (i.e distracting me from my charge), so I took less and less photos as the night went on. With that said, here are a few shots of the action. If nothing else, I think they capture just how epic a Warmachine battle of this size can be.

Khador's first turn started with Vlad feating and running the heavy jacks straight ahead. The Behemoth used its sub-cortex to shoot, annihilating five of the six Templar Knights. Ouch!

The Widowmakers guard a ruin where a Khador jack has obviously been wrecked in the past. A bad omen?

These models originally belonged to me. They were some of a handfull of models I painted when I started playing Warmachine almost three years ago. Yes, it's true - I used to play Khador. Shhhh!!!!

Early game action. The Khadorean force advances. No surprise there.

Uhlans charge across the field.

The zealots of Menoth let the firebombs rip!

More Menoth back-up.

The Temple Flameguard looking all sexy.

Vilmon rushes out to meet the Uhlans in battle...

..and the Temple Flameguard follow his example.

Action in the centre of the table heats up. Sorscha goes down the middle and feats. However, under the pressure of the time limit, Keir forgets her activation during the following turn and she is taken out.

Game action nearing the end of the battle. After this (and there was much chatting with Stu, so memory is hazy), Khador avenged Sorcha's death by taking out Epic Kreoss. The game went on for another turn or two, until it became apparant that no other casters would be taken out within the six-turn limit. I have no idea where the victory points were by the end of it all, but I'm calling it a draw, and a very hard fought game for both sides. More importantly than the outcome, we had the opportunity to see to lovely painted armies on the table, and to chat while drinking tea and eating Xmas goodies.

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Awesome! Thanks for the time spent reporting/photographing!