Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warmachine Action: Cryx vs. Khador

Our geekly attendance was a little lower than usual last night - just Marc, Chris H. and myself. Chris H. has started playing Warmachine quite recently, and since he had just finished painting his new Khador acquisitions, we decided to play a little round-robin style Warmachine.

Chris's army totals 418 points. To the right you can see Sorscha, and both the Juggernaut and the Destroyer being marshalled by the Man-O-War Kovnik. A unit of Widowmakers hides in the woods, and Eiryss the Magehunter was deployed behind the outcropping.

Marc put down the Witch Coven of Garlghast running a Harrower and four arc nodes. There were also a Skarlock and Gorman De Wolfe hiding behind the woods.

Marc sent the bone turkeys on parade around the woods.

Chris began advancing the army towards the Cryx force. The steel ring on the table represented the Coven's spell Imprison. It essentially creates a void through which nothing can move.

Although I never captured it in the shot here, Marc's heavy warjack, the Harrower, was in the woods at the bottom left of the photo. Chris used Sorscha, Eiryss, and the Widowmakers to try and damage the Harrower. The heavy jack resisted the attack fairly well, and play passed to Marc.

At this point, Sorscha had cast the spell Wind Rush on herself. In addition to giving her an extra move, this bumped her defence up to 20, making her very hard to hit. In spite of this, Marc moved an arc node up in front of the Khador line.

The Witch Coven moved into perfect conjunction (i.e. a triangle) around the Egregore. This meant that all of their magic attack and damage rolls would be automatically boosted. With a magic attack score of 9, they would need to roll an 11 on three dice to hit Sorscha with Stygian Abyss. Marc did roll an 11, twice in a row in fact, and took Sorscha down.

I never took photos of my two games, as I was too lazy to play and take photos at the same time. However, Chris H. took shots of mine and Marc's 750-point game, and will surely chronicle my defeat on his blog sometime soon.

And the Night Continued...

Chris H. was given the Lord of the Rings boardgame by Fantasy Flight for Xmas, so we decided to try a learning game.

In this game, the players each control a Hobbit, and work their way through the Ring quest through a series of specific scenario boards. The main game track has the Hobbit tokens on one end and the Dark Lord token on the other. The idea is to successfully complete the quest, while trying to avoid having the hobbits intercept the Dark Lord token.

The in-laws gave me the board game Pandemic as a Xmas gift. Pandemic is also a co-operative boargame, but I find that whereas Pandemic is different every game, and very tight as a game system, the LOTR game felt a little predictable. As Marc pointed out, there seemed to be unnecessary events, that were included to progress the story, but that did little to add to game play.

I would be willing to try the game again. It was late, I was tired, and learning games late at night doesn't always leave the most favourable impression.

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Keir said...

Excellent stuff. Congrats to Chris on his new Khador.

Rab said...

I've had that LoTR game for a few years now. I do rather like it, despite it relying almost entirely on the order of the cards deck of events etc. It is the only game I've managed to entice my wife into playing as it is non-competitive, so I do have a soft-spot for it for that reason.

McCryx said...

Seeing your all painted armies makes me feel like such a failure. I've been playing warmachine for years and yet I only have a few figs painted here and there. Makes for a very nice looking battle report. I'm glad I stumbled on your site.