Friday, August 14, 2009

Mounted Men-At-Arms (unit #1)

Impetus Unit Type: CP
Base Size: 8cm x 6cm
Special: Impetuous
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli
After much deliberation, I decided to go with six models per base for heavy cavalry. I love how Impetus gives this kind flexibility when it comes to basing. In order to make the unit look at little more continental and a little less feudal I mixed codes of mounted knights with mounted Hobilars. I find that the brightly-painted Hobilar models (without caparison) look like slightly later period knights than their caparisoned counter-parts.


OttoMunoz said...

Corvus Belli is one of the best companies out there. You can't go wrong with them.

what happened to the Persians you had going?

JET (aka Jason) said...

I just lost interest in painting them... for the moment. They sit on the shelf, waiting for inspiration to strike again. Right now my priority is finishing off 10mm and 15mm Impetus projects so that I will have three scales. It should be much easier to win over new recruits that way.

Sire Godefroy said...

Great entry again. Very smart painting and clear photography - that's the way to go. Only improvement would be to bend the flag a bit, make it look less static. Otherwise great unit, definitely a piece to attract new gamers.


Timothy Burke said...

Love the layout, the large rock offsets the placing of the figures in such a realistic way.