Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chaos In Carpathia Battle Report - More Vampires

After much anticipation, Jordin finally finished painting his Nosferatu warband. We were short one gaming mat at geek night so I did my best to create a playing surface without one. We played a modified Seek & Find scenario where each objective could be searched by both warbands, even after one had been successfully been searched by the opponent.

Scenario: Seek & Find

Warbands: Nosferatu (Jordin) vs. Hungarian Monster Hunters (Me)

Special Events: Stygian Darkness


We each started at opposite ends of a maze-like crypt complex. There were two objectives behind locked doors (STRENGTH tests), two objectives behind secret doors (perception tests), and one right in the middle of everything. The main goals of the scenario were to find and to hold the majority of the objectives. With Stygian Darkness in play, the hunters' torches and lanterns played a key role in the game.
The Game:

Early on, Helmut Von Krumm made his way to one of the sarcophagi. With high STRENGTH and RESOLVE, he is the perfect candidate for such a grisly affair.

After discovering the secret door to his left, Lazlo (in green) led the others towards the main crypt.

Jordin's vampire master sent the sarcophagus lid crashing to the floor and earned two FATE POINTS and one VP.

The vampire's foul wolves engaged the hunters in the main crypt.

One of the lesser nosferatu burst through a door and found one of the objectives (hidden under the chair)

Another lesser nosferatu took the shape of a great spider. The master vampire skulked in the darkness while Lazlo defended himself.

The Count Von Krumm found an objective behind the secret door while Ms. Emmalina Grunberg looked on.

The action began to converge around the central tomb.

Helmut and his loyal hound Zeus defeated one of the vampires as they made their way towards the main crypt.

Lazlo failed to notice the secret door that he was standing right next to.

On his last legs, Lazlo does battle with the master vampire.

After getting Lazlo out of the way, the master vampire took the shape of a great wolf and found herself in hand-to-hand combat with Helmut.

While Helmut kept the nosferatu occupied, Dr. Grunberg successfully searched the main sarcophagus.

Result: Draw

At the end of the battle, here's how things stood in the VP department.

The Nosferatu earned three VP's for finding objectives and one VP for finding the most wildcard objectives from searching sarcophagi for a total of FOUR VICTORY POINTS.

The Hungarian Monster Hunters earned three VP's for finding objectives and one VP holding the Female Victim at the scenario's end for a total of FOUR VICTORY POINTS.

The battle itself was a bloody affair. Jordin came on strong in the beginning by putting half of my warband's human members out of commission by the halfway mark. I did manage to retaliate and take out a couple of vampires and a wolf. By the end, we were both limbed but with our victory point holders intact. It was a great game and I'm sure we'll be playing more in the very near future.

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Super! More warbands. Really nice as usual.


BaronVonJ said...

Thanks for the post. Your stuff is always inspiring. I picked of Chaos in Cairo when it first came out, and after a few plays found it very flawed. Our group has always like Super System but never seemed interested in Carpathia, probably because of the bad taste from C&C. Maybe I'll try again.

Spacejacker said...

Such a great campaign! Always fun and inspiring to read.

I like your indoor tiles, doing a lot of similar stuff myself lately.