Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cygnar Gallery

After I started getting my Trollblood force together for Hordes, I realized that I wanted a Warmachine force for variety of play. I thought long and hard about which faction I would collect, but fate intervened and made the choice for me one day during the summer of 2007 when Ken offered to sell me his Cygnar starter box. Although I was strongly drawn to both Mercenaries and Cryx, it's hard for any geek to turn down the option that he holds in his hand. I'm glad I made the choice I did - The Cygnareans have served me well in both victories and the fun factor.

Commander Coleman Stryker
Captain Victoria Haley

Lt. Allister Caine

Commander Adept Nemo

Major Victoria Haley

Jeremiah Kraye

Squire (caster attachment)

Journeyman Warcaster

Arlen Strangeways

Gun Mage Captain Adept #1

Gun Mage Captain Adept #2





Light Warjack Wreck Marker





Long Gunners

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

Chief Mechanik & Goblin Bodgers

Reinholdt the Goblin Speculator

As a gamer...

To date, I haven't enjoyed playing any force for any wargame more than I enjoy playing my Cygnar army for Warmachine. The army is elite in nature, and there are many options for long range and melee combat. The warcasters are generally great at buffing the army's offensive and defensive capabilities. The best thing about playing Cygnar is the sheer number of possible combinations when designing lists. The units aren't too linear, and almost any combination of my collection has its merits on the field.

As a painter...

The Cygnar models (and Warmachine models in general I think) are visually an acquired taste. I find that the Cygnar collection specifically has a cartoon or comic-book steampunk look to them. My bright blue and in-your-face "golden" yellow scheme is meant to mimic the look of comic book art rather than any kind of reality. I realize it's a preference thing, but I'm pleased with the effect, and the army is sure hard to miss on the table.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking force. I really like the effect you have gone for in the stuff. I feel that you have pulled of the comic look without it taking away from the models.

Nice to see this much painted metal as well. I dislike Cygnar but that is from a faction standpoint more than anything else. As a Khador player it is hard to love the Swan.

Keep up the good work.


Markus said...

Huh. Gubnutz strikes again ;)

Looking solid Jet, I quite like Caine.

Anonymous said...


that's a truly nice blog with a lot of finely done models and quite good battle reports, too! Thx very much for the entertaining read, looking forward to see more.


Sammael master of the ravenwing said...

What brand of paint do you use? I use the GW kind and it chips and flakes off like crazy.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Use P3 paints, but more importantly, I take steps to protect my models. First of all, a good coat of primer is important. I find that spray primer is the most durable - I use GW Chaos Black spray, but I've heard lots of people rave about black auto primer from the hardware store.

Secondly, I use spray varnish to protect my models after the painting is finished. Are you spray varnishing your models?

Anonymous said...

no , ive never tried using varnish. maybe thats what causing it to flake off .

Anonymous said...

people always told me washing the modle with soap water befor you start painting helps. so i tried that and it still flakes off

Anonymous said...

hey , could you tell me how u did ur "blackened" metals, like allister caine's armour. is it just black mixed with silver?