Thursday, September 4, 2008

Livery Stable: yet another homemade building

I'm starting to get the hang of this construction thing. The basic techniques I explored in this post are serving me very well. A couple of minor modifications is all it takes, and one can construct a host of buildings, no two the same.

The third addition to my modest collection is a livery stable. I'm still struggling with the actual theme of my Legends of the Old West setting, but I figure a stable is a must. Wherever the action is, all of those lawmen, cowboys, and outlaws will need somewhere to keep their trusty steeds watered, fed, and out of the rain.

Most of the new details I experimented with (the vertical planks and the hinges on the double doors) are made from the same thinner card that serves as backing for windows and inward-opening doors.

Here's the settlement so far. I think the red building might make a nice cottage for the owner of the stable. Maybe it needs a blacksmith shop nearby, and for that matter, maybe the blacksmith and the stable owner might be the same person. In any event, I like having some generic buildings that can serve double-duty for different scenarios.

If you've been raised on a farm, please feel free to laugh at the stable. I'm no farmer, so it could very likely be the worst stable in the history of agricultural architecture. However, it looks convincing to me, as it probably will to my non-agrarian gaming group.

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James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

The buildings look very nice, but you're right - the stable is off. It's way too tall, unless you have a whole lot of hay up there, and that would weigh many many tons. Other than that, it looks good. Keep at it - you're inspiring others and that is always A Good Thing.