Monday, February 2, 2009

Muster of the Parthian Army

So here's how it went down. Stu and I prepared armies for playing Impetus. I did Romans and he did Parthians. As an ex-Baccus dealer (and a general collect-a-holic geek), Stu supplied me with various 6mm figures for the Roman army, all of my bases, and even a few models for the Old West project. Feeling guilty (and on a tight gaming budget for the coming months), I offered to base his Parthian army in pseudo-payment.

You'll notice that the pics aren't perfect, but they give the general idea. Here's the army arrayed for battle. Three games running and I haven't beaten them yet. Their day will come however. I think. Maybe.

Skirmishers armed with "short bow B" according to the rules. With an upgrade to VBU=3, they are just enough to harass my forces, and more importantly, they screen the advance of the cataphracts. Wiley bastards.

And speaking of cataphracts... ugh. I should have "lost" a few units while I was basing them.

A glam shot from the other side. I understand the reasons why people don't want to paint 6mm armies, but it's hard to deny how impressive they look sprawled out on the field (That wasn't a dig against you K - relax) They actually look like (egads, is it actually possible!) - an army. I love it!

For those who play Impetus, this collection is comprised of generals x 3, horse archers x 14, cataphracts x 6, and skirmishers x 4. For those who don't play Impetus, wake up! It is a truly fantastic game. If you want to actually feel like you are watching a battle unfold, this is the game for you.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Stu, I hope you are pleased with the final product. Now your army can look stylish while it runs mine into the ground. - J


SHAPUR II said...

WOW! Thanks much Jason. We are more than square. More 6mm guys coming your way!


JET (aka Jason) said...

My Lord Stu! You didn't waste anytime commenting! Anyway, I'm glad you're pleased with the results. I'm very happy with how they look as well, even if I do say so myself. What 6mm project to tackle next... ;)

Keir said...

Those are nice jobs on the miniatures and the bases. One question: why are the bases for the skirmishers so much bigger than for the cataphracts and/or clibinarii?

Ruarigh said...

Love that army. It looks great and the 6mm figures give a really good massed feel. I am a huge fan of the Baccus ranges. Now if only Peter would produce Vikings ...

JET (aka Jason) said...

All of the cavalry are based on 6x4 cm bases, and all of the skirmishers are actually based on 6x2 cm bases.

And yes, the 6mm mass look is pretty addictive. Combined with cost-effective and fast to paint, it can be a pretty addictive scale I think,


Fenton said...

they look great Jet, given me the inspiration to get my WOTR stuff done up now

Anonymous said...

Need help! What is the composition for a Parthian army on a 1:100 scale? What troop types does thisinvolve? Cannot find any information on this. Would be very grateful for help.