Saturday, February 7, 2009

Geek Day Diary Entry #0: "A Wonderful Day of Geeking"

Dear Diary,

Today, our group participated in a mixed gaming day that brought together various groups of wargamers and roleplayers from the St. John's area. All proceeds from the door and the sale of junk food and raffle tickets went to the Canadian Diabletes Association. One of the main organizers of geekly functions in our area (primarily 40k) died very young because of diabetic-related complications not too long ago. I never knew him too well, but I was aware that he was a father and a fine human being, so hats off to the crew who initiated this fine day of geeking with a great cause.

Our group set up a table for Legends of the Old West. I provided the buildings and a few smaller pieces, while Marc and Chris E. provided the fine trees, hills, river, bridge, and crop fields. The Oklahoma backwoods never looked so good!

The backwoods sprawl out from the town. I'm thinking about investing in a rifle and moving to Assumption myself. Haven't told the wife yet.

Here's where we left the Assumption Vigilence Committee last time. Sherrif John Henry Mast stands out front, with his trusty deputies Jebediah Hunter (your left) and Gabe MacIntyre (your right). The gentlemen in black are the left overs of the vigilante guns-for hire, Eli O'Brien and Billy Jenson.

It's only a matter of time before a prosperous town like Assumption draws trouble. Major Eustace Pileforth and the remnants of the 17th Virgina Cavalry serve their own agenda (or rather, his agenda) - the war hasn't ended until the good Major says it has.

During the first engagment, the infamous Sundown Gang returns from their hideout in the Oklahoma backwoods looking for trouble... again!

Of Course, the Mast and his men won't stand for any such villainy within the town confines.

The men take up positions.

The outlaws cross the bridge. Bull Tucker and the Calamity Kid lead the way.

Eli O'Brien stamps out his cigarette and levels his rifle. The resounding "crack" startles the residents and sends the birds to flight. Bull Tucker takes the shot in the shoulder and hits the bridge. He crawls down by the riverbank to soak the wound.

George Scranton and Gentleman Earl keep coming, guns levelled, but within minutes, the shootout is over. Jeb Hunter shoots Scranton right between the eyes. His usually quiet brother, Bill, screams in frustration, but the hail of lawmen gunfire drives the outlaws back across the bridge and out of town.

The next engagement saw the arrivel of Pileforth's 1th cavalry meeting up with the Sundown Gang. Earl's men make their way behind the buildings...

...but the Virgina boys are ready for em.

The bulk of the southerners move in front of the Dry Goods store.

The insolent outlaws move through Gabe's backyard. Bull Tucker finds himself in with the swine. Ideal company in my opinion.

The rest of the pigs root near the fields.

The 17th continue their advance...

...and move up behind the saloon.

Then the gunfire erupts. No surprise, the calamity kid is the instigator.

The fists start flying.

Earl and company move up to join in the trouble.

By the time was all said and done, I think we played a total of five games of Legend of the Old West. The funny thing is, the same four I started with from the original night of gaming (John Mast, Old Gabe, Jeb, and Eli) were the only ones who survived the day. My posse earned some cash however (thanks to Gabe's skill at the card table), and I'll be bringing some fresh upstanding citizens into the posse (i.e. I have some painting to do).

I never got pictures of the latter part of the day. There was far more Old West action than pictures above, and Ken showed up later and started playing Warmachine. Anyway, Marc took LOTS of shots (Or Stu did, with Marc's camera), so I'm sure there'll be lots of photos at the General Store in the coming days.

Finally, there was lots more going on than our Old West gaming. I got a few shots around the venue before my camera died.

The great minds of wargaming converge.

A blurry Chris E. (leader of the 17th Virgina Cavalry) draws in the unsuspecting.

Stu spent the first half of the afternoon filing up his Foundry mountain men. They are some seriously sweet models.

The main 40k gang setting up their custom made table. They used the plastic city sprues to make a very impressive table.

Prizes were donated by local stores and businesses.

I was most interested in this Heavy Gear Blitz lot. I never won it. Poop.

I took a few shots of the 40k Apocalypse action. I have to commend the guys on the effort they put into this. They seemed to have a very fun afternoon.

There was also a game of Crossfire running. This is not a game I'm really familiar with, but Tim had a nice 20mm set-up going. I was busy playing Old West, but it seemed that two other guys were playing and he oversaw the proceedings. The table looked quite nice.

I have to say, hats off to the organizers. We had a wonderful time, and it was great to see so many geeks having a good time to support a worthwile cause.

Thanks for reading


Rab said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Geeking for charity? Brilliant!

One question, though; is that bridge another of your top-notch scratch builds, or is it commercially available?

JET (aka Jason) said...

That bridge is most definitely a commercial one. Chirs owns it, and I'm going to say it's from his armorcast collection, but I'm guessing.

Thanks for the comments