Monday, April 6, 2009

Late Achaemenid Persians - First Painted Models

As I stated in the previous post, this army is going to be a colourful one. The way I've reasoned it, there are essentially two types of units in the army; regular units (uniform and colourful) and irregular units (varied and colourful).

I started by painting eight colonist cavalry models. At VBU=3 they are inferior to most medium cavalry. That is to say, the medium cavalry of most ancient armies were elite or semi-elite troops. To represent this inferiority, I decided to paint eight models per base, as compared to my regular ten models per base for more effective medium cavalry.

The first batch of four from both sides.

The second four, including a leader and standard.

Sorry for the slight blur. I think they give the general idea regardless of photo quality.

I'm having a ball painting these models. They provide a nice change of pace from painting lines and lines of Romans. Next on the list - prep up some more models for spraying and start painting some skirmishing archers. As usual, I'll keep you updated.

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OttoMunoz said...

Nice Persians! I hope to have an army of them in 15mm from Xyston sometime in the future.


battlemind said...

That's a great start. I'm gonna start some 6mm soon - any advice you can give me right off the bat? What's the first thing that comes to mind?

I'm very impressed with your work - go Jay go!

JET (aka Jason) said...

Advice in no particular order:

1. Use a portable DVD player and have movies playing in the background.

2. Don't rush. Try to concentrate on the few strips in front of you and don't obsess on the untouched mountain of lead to follow.

3. Start an army that you are visually inspired by. Dreaming of the final product keeps me motivated.

4. All of that advice about speed-painting 6mm, and not wasting time highlighting, etc... Ignore all of that advice. Treat them as any other models.

5. Plan the army layout in advance. Base size, how many strips/models per base, how they will be laid out on the base... It avoids massive headaches down the road.

Anyway, I don't profess to be any kind of 6mm painting guru, but thanks for the kind words. What game system are you painting for?

battlemind said...

At first I was going to base my 6mm for DBA, but I've since changed my mind, and will be basing them for Impetus. I was going to do a DBA matched pair with Samurai, but I think I'll stick strictly to 15mm for DBA, and keep the 6s for myself, and Impetus.

I've read the Basic Impetus rules and am very impressed.

OttoMunoz said...

I try to do that first piece of advice as much as I can. Or listening to ELO or Smashing Pumpkins can help focus on painting.