Monday, April 20, 2009

The Road to Assumption

I know my Old West gaming has taken a back seat as of late, but it most definitely has not been forgotten. We all managed to get posses painted, and I built enough buildings to set the scene. However, because we all joined in the campaign at different times, there were some great gulfs between posse ability levels, so we more or less stopped the original Assumption campaign. Quite frankly, the original Assumption Vigilence Committee had become unstoppable. When we start campaigning again, I'll send John Henry Mast overseas on a family errand, and have some new blood take over the town's defence. We'll still use many of the same names and characters, but the posses will be on the same footing, more or less.

Since the last update, there have been some developments on the modelling and planning fronts. The above photo shows the new road running through Assumption.

The road is made from a piece of mdf. The edges were bevelled, and I lightly textured the surface with plaster of paris and sand. The plaster of paris proved to damage easily, so I may coat the whole thing with glue and a couple of coats of matte varnish. In the meantime, the guys will have to avoid rolling dice on it.

I also finished the Hotel I had alluded to in earlier posts. As I continue to paint the buildings and freehand the signs, I've decided to maintain the cartoonish style and colour. If nothing else, it's very photogenic. You'll notice curtains in the windows; the Assumption Hotel caters to a finer clientele, and is generally beyond the price range of cowhands and drifters.

I also ordered more models since my last Old West post. I bought the Shadowforge mini "Rancher's Daughter," and picked up a whole bunch of Dixon minis on sale. I've done nothing with them yet, but the intention is to populate the town with some citizens and livestock (and to use those models in scenarios as well.)

Finally, I'll leave with a few shots about town, just to get the old Assumption juices flowing again.

Old Hackett surveys damage around the JP's garden.

John Henry Mast and his deputies outside the Assumption Sheriff's Office.

The unadorned backs of local businesses.

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Anonymous said...

where did assumption go?

JET (aka Jason) said...

It's sad I know. I have been neglectful. However, a new era is almost upon us. A new geek joined us after Xmas, and we've been waiting for him to play catch-up for a number of games. Rumour has it that I'm getting the Gutshot rules for my birthday in a couple of weeks, and the streets of Assumption shall again resound with gunfire.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Gutshot is a good set of rules . . . and they have LOTS of scenarios on their website . . . which I'd download now just in case they decide to pull them and print them as a product:

That link isn't all that easy to find, so use it now.

And get some more info up on your blog . . . it has been too long since your last Old West post.

-- Jeff


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