Wednesday, July 1, 2009

English Longbowmen (unit #1)

Impetus Unit Type: T
Base Size: 8cm x 4cm
Special: Longbow A
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli


Bishop Lord said...

WOW! no longer my scale but those are very nice:-)

Ruarigh said...

Very nice. You make me want to return to larger figures. Well, almost! :-)

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks for the comments gents.

I've just finished a second unit (except for the base) and will post it in the next day or so. I plan on linking all of these additions with the label "Hundred Years War Gallery," and in doing so, create a living gallery that I won't have to mess with as I paint. Between other projects, my initial goal is to paint 300 points of English, as well as 300 points of an opponent.

Incidentally, your guys posts make me want to return to smaller scales ;)