Sunday, October 25, 2009

Impetus Battle Report - Milan's Revenge

It was time to throw down the 15mm medievals again. During our last engagement, John Stockwood's Free Company had driven the Italian Condotta from the field, demoralized and humiliated. The disposed King Rene of Provence had hired Stockwood to secure a trade route towards Switzerland and had come to blows with the Milanese in the process. After their first defeat, the Milanese had re-mustered their forces with surprising speed and rode out to meet the mercenary force as it travelled northward to the west of the city.

The Battlefield:

The Italians formed up in a valley when the mercenaries were sighted. Stockwood's men deployed in response, taking advantage of the nearby fields. The forces were the same ones used in the previous battle.

The Battle:

Stockwood's infantry deployed in a line, waiting for the Italians to come into range.

The mercenary knights, impetuous as ever, rode around the forested area in the hopes of flanking the enemy.

Skirmishing italian crossbowmen entrenched themselves in the woods. They harrassed the knights with crossbow fire and eventually sent the breton skirmishers fleeing.

Unlike the last engagement, the Italian knights approached carefully and in tight formation with a screen of skirmishers to their front.

When battle was joined, it was fierce. Stockwood and his personal guard found themselves in vicious hand-to-hand combat with Italian knights.

Meanwhile, on the left flank, the Master Huntsman urged the archers to find their mark with every arrow spent. They succeeded in routing the italian right flank.

Stockwood and his men repelled the first charge successfully, but their were too many horsemen encircling them.

The Italians pressed the advantage, and Stockwood and his captains just escaped the field with their lives.


It was a dramatic game to say the least. Chris came off very strong when the lines engaged, and it seemed like it would be a roll-over in his favour. However, I started damaging his line, and it seemed as if it might go either way. In the end, however, he took out half of my VD first, and Stockwood and his men were driven from the field in shame ;)

I can honestly say that I enjoy Impetus in every scale I've played it in (and I look forward to the Punic Wars in 10mm... coming soon), but there is something so visually satisfying about the bases of 15mm models - it just helps make the game such an enjoyable experience.

As you may have read in my previous post, I have started painting reinforcements to take me to the 300-point mark. Chris has also begun work on a couple of units of heavy foot and his elite unit of Familia Ducale heavy knights. Stay tuned for more medieval action.

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Sire Godefroy said...

Your Medieval battle reports give me a thrill. I had these Italian Condotta miniatures on my shelf but eventually sold them. These were the days Impetus wasn't yet released... *sigh*

Keep up the good work - and battling over Medieval Europe!


Stephen Hall said...

Hi Jason, very nice battle report thanks for posting. what manufacturer are the 15mm figs?


JET (aka Jason) said...

The breton skirmishers are by Feudal Castings and the rest of the Free Company force are Corvus Belli. The Italian army is entirely from Mirliton's Italian Condotta range.

Thanks for the comments gents,

Dan Sutherland said...

I love these medieval bat reps Jason, even though historical wargaming isn't as much my thing. It's because of the great photos, simple style and the little bit of narrative and humour you blokes inject. I'm also pleased to see that Chris E. actually managed to win a game for once. He usually seems to come off second best. :)


Dan S.

Keir said...

Milan is not a city noted for its warriors. Animal droppings and African prozzies, yes, but warriors, no.