Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mounted Men-At-Arms (unit #2; with attached general)

Impetus Unit Type: CP
Base Size: 8cm x 6cm
Special: Impetuous
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli
My second unit of heavy cavalry also includes my subordinate general, Rodger of Lynn. I had a lot of fun painting this unit, and was particularly pleased with how the yellow turned out. This was also the first time that I painted white or grey horses at this scale.


Keir said...

Wow, those are spectacular. Love the banner, fine colour choices for the knights and their barding. I am all envy.

Rab said...

Superb. They really are the flower of chivalry, aren't they? Very eye-catching - I presume the banner is a transfer?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It is posts like this that drag you into new periods! :)

Fantastic paint job :)
Double plus good

sebastosfig said...

oh yes, truly wonderful paint job

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thank you for your kind comments gentlemen. Corvus Belli 15's are really a joy to paint. And (sadly) that banner is a transfer.

My favourite part is the yellow on the knights. It's my newish recipe using the following P3 colours - Rucksack Tan, Moldy Ochre, Sulfuric Yellow, Cygnus Yellow.