Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The year is 1892; a shroud of darkness blankets the foothills under the Carpathian's long-reaching shadow. The Transylvanian forests seem to breed evil - not the evil that stems from human greed and selfishness, but a far more ancient evil than the designs of men could ever be credited with. Stalking nocturnal beasts roam this forsaken land. They hunt on the edge of human habitation, feasting on the flesh of those men foolish enough to embark by night from their sturdy huts into the vast gulf of blackness beyond.

In the vicinity of the forgotten hamlet of Dertflinghan, a monstrous lycanthrope known only as they Great Wolf stalks the night.

The vile Carpathian wolves are drawn to the savage beast.

Strangler and Blackmaw lead the pack on a hunt.

Bloodrunner, a true lone wolf, often hunts away from the safety of the pack.

Whitemane prowls at the forest's edge, looking down hungrily at the settlement below.

Painted By: Jason (aka JET)

Thoughts & Commentary:

I've never painted any gothic horror models before, but I've been reading the Chaos in Carpathia rules and plotting a horror project for some time now. The models are from Westwind's impressive Vampire Wars range, and so far I've been more than pleased with this company's offerings. The models are intuitive to paint and easy on the wallet, so you really can't go wrong.

The model's shown above will be used to field my starting Werewolf warband for Chaos in Carpathia. We will be using the unofficial warband add-on which expands the warband selection significantly to include such options as Gypsies, Nosferatu, and even Dr. Frankenstein and his creations. The werewolf list allows each werewolf (greater and lesser) to "purchase" up to three increases, so there's lots of room for customization. Expect more Gothic horror updates soon.

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Andy McMaster said...

Very nice figures, mate!

Now if only I could find some in 15mm!


tim said...

Nicely done ! I like those West Wind figures I've used a lot for "Rippers" - Savage Worlds take on Victorian Horror.

Ruarigh said...

Beautifully done. I can't wait to see how your campaign works out. We are busily plotting Chaos in Carpathia and Chaos in Cairo campaigns too as part of our projects for this year.