Monday, April 12, 2010

Future War Commander: The Trial Run

One of my mechs peers out over the tree line.
One of the games we've pondered for the future (double meaning intended-J) is Future War Commander by Specialist Military Publishing.  The game uses a similar Initiative Phase-Command Phase system to Warmaster Ancients, and as I've always loved (and miss) that part of Warmaster,  I was happy when we discovered a rule-set that makes use of it.

Chris and I broke out part of his collection of Battletech miniatures and tried out a couple of test games.  As expected, the game was fun and I think it will be a winner.  Like Impetus, the unit construction is fairly generic, and therefore leaves the player with a fair amount of license when choosing models to represent his units.

I should mention, all of the models in this post were painted by Chris.  I know very little about Battletech, but I do know that these models look very nice when painted.  We won one game a piece, and I think that we pretty much learned the core rules of the game.  There are rules to cover recon, artillery, and air support, and in the future, I'm sure we'll explore these and play the game to its full extent.

For the first game, we each played mech-heavy forces.

The second time round I played a varied force consisting of mechs, tanks, and infantry.

Chris recently painted a 15mm GZG force with FWC in mind.  I have some minis poked away that I'll be breaking out and putting "under the brush" sometime soon, so expect more science fiction content in the future.

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Mik said...

So the rules can handle infantry based armies just as easily as mechs? I'm also looking for a solid 15mm ruleset that will cover a variety of units (mechs/vehicles/troops) as well as the variety you would expect to find like power armor and the like.

abhorsen950 said...

Excellent models thanks for sharing

JET (aka Jason) said...

The rules handle infantry units (i.e. one base with multiple figures, depending on scale), as well as recon vehicles, walkers, tanks, aircraft, transports, artillery, and so on. Furthermore, there are different command levels and tech levels so that you can represent elite, well-organized human forces, as well as bug-forces, space barbarians, and aliens of every description.

Andy McMaster said...


Thanks for the report. I've just ordered FWC but am torn between 6mm and 15mm for my forces. And finding the time of course!