Saturday, April 17, 2010

Workbench Update: Getting 15mm Sci-Fi Off the Ground

Things have been relatively busy for the past while.  In addition to the usual business of life, we've been car-shopping and had lots of appointments and obligations on the calendar.  Both my painting and regular playing have suffered, but I'm finally starting to get back in the saddle.  After trying and quite liking Future War Commander, I decided to start preparing a force to face off against Chris's 15mm GZG combined infantry/tank force.  With the new baby only a couple of months way, spending little to no money continues to be a trend on the geek front, so I decided to add a couple of packs of 15mm infantry (from Chris) to my unpainted collection of Heavy Gear walkers.  Here's what I've been pondering:

The smaller gears (or mechs) stand in nicely as semi-plausible pseudo exo-skeleton/battle armour.  I'm basing the entire army on washers for a couple of reasons. First of all, I think that a round base gives them a very skirmishing look.  Secondly, I want to be able to use the Gear models to actually play Heavy Gear someday, so I didn't want to burn any bridges by basing them on squares or rectangles.

I have two of these rather largish mechs that I'll be tooling up for long range fire.  You'll notice that it has tracks built into its feet, so I'm thinking that these guys will play the same role as a heavy battle tank... if a heavy battle tank you pummel you in hand-to-hand combat that is. :)

Right now, the geek table is in chaos, which pretty much equates to productivity.  The mechs require a medium effort in the assembly department, but now that I have a vision, I'm starting to clip along.  The force I'm aiming for will consist of approximately 8 or 9 mechs and around a half a dozen bases of infantry.  In all, the entire project should paint up rather quickly and will easily provide me with about 1500 points of playable models.

I'll have enough stuff left over to take the force to about 2000 points, but that stage will likely be quite some time off.  Probably after the first batch is painted, and some more Gothic Horror is finished off, and some Alkemy models are done, and a few bases of Irish are prepped up.  And this was supposed to be a hobby.

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Mik said...

So with FWC there's no chance of individually-based 15mm troopers?

abhorsen950 said...

Looks good, I want to pick up FCW myself.

JET (aka Jason) said...


I think that individually-based models would work fine. You could just field each infantryman as a unit. If that's too much of a stretch for you (i.e. one guy being 1/3 the points of a walker), you could use the unit construction system in the book and "create" infantry units with only one or two hits each. These would subsequently be very cheap in the points dept, so you could field lots of them.