Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chaos in Carpathia - Monster Hunters vs. Mad Doctor vs. Werewolves

Although not an official campaign game, Marc, Chris, and I played a three-player game of Chaos in Carpathia last night and I thought you folks would enjoy seeing some photos of the warbands in action. Without further ado... the photos:

We rolled the Ghostly Voices special event, however, we chose to ignore it as three warbands kept the game busy enough. The scenario was an objective grab. In short, three objectives were placed in a triangular layout on the table and each warband was assigned one objective and deployed on a b-line across from their objective.

Chris's warband: British Monster Hunters led by Sir Thrustam Mannleigh. objective: statues outside village.

Marc's warband: Mad Doctor's creations led by Dr. Prometheus Hartstone. objective: old cabin on outskirts.

My warband: Werewolves led by the Great Wolf. objective: mausoleum at edge of cemetery.

Dr. Hartstone and his minions try their best to cross the river under the cover of the bridge.

Mannleigh and his companions started straight down the main road towards the bridge and the statues beyond.

The Great Wolf had a free move before the game began thanks to the Old Woodsman's Guide ability. By the end of the first turn he was well positioned to cause trouble and (hopefully) cross the road the the graveyard.

The rest of the werewolf warband made their way across the fields.

Here we see Rutter running away after Sir Thrustam made a dash to the bridge and was subsequently taken down by a crossbow bolt. Dick also has his hands full as Bloodrunner does some ripping and tearing werewolf style.

The Great Wolf finds himself right where he likes to be - in hand-to-hand combat with British Hunters. I should point out, Johann (the gent with the torch) shot the Great Wolf in the back three times without doing any appreciable damage.

Meanwhile, Dick, on his last legs after his scuffle with Bloodrunner, finds himself in the powerful grasp of the Monster. Needless to say, that was the end of Dick's attempt at crossing the bridge.

I sent Blackmaw in with the hopes of keeping Marc's monsters tied up while other members of the warband made for the mausoleum.

The British expedition member Egon Fisching tries to make his way across the bridge. It has to be said, he made it this far after surviving a werewolf attack and three or four crossbow bolts.

After recovering his nerve, Rutter charges into the monster and is quickly dispatched.

I sent an escaped inmate in to tie up the hunter so that the Great Wolf could leave combat unmolested. Then I made my mistake. Instead of dispatching the other hunter, I got impatient and went straight for the mausoleum. Johann took advantage of the situation, and in spite of the Great Wolf finding a great hiding spot in hard cover, silver bullets finally took their toll.

Seemingly harmless, the mysterious Delilah spent the majority of the game staying back and helping to keep the doctor's monsters under control.

I managed to run Crazy Nell around the outskirts of the battle and get into position to ambush the doctor's man Johnson. Sadly, Nell was taken out by a crossbow bolt not long after.

Delilah moved onto the bridge, and after surviving so many brushes with death, it was the knife of a painted Jezebel that brought Egon's heroic run to a tragic end.

Towards the end of the battle the majority of my werewolf warband were out of commission. The Old Woodsman, however, hung back and fired at the doctor's advancing monsters, trying to stop them from reaching the objective.

In the end it was futile. When the game ended, the doctor's greatest monster reached the objective while both Chris and I saw our warbands more or less cut to shreds and failing to complete their goals.

What an awesome game! Like all three-player games, regardless of ruleset, there's always a tendency for one warband to be a little more ignored than his two opponents, and I think that's what happened here. However, Marc also kept his band together while Chris and I spread out, so perhaps there's something to be said for strength in numbers. Either way, everyone had a relaxing evening of adventure gaming and I think that there'll be more multi-player games in the future.

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Gyro said...

Great writeup as always, nice!

I should have werewolf/sasquatch vs. pulp heroes action up sometime this week myself...

JET (aka Jason) said...

Look forward to the write-up, hopefully with lots of photos. I've looked at Strange Aeons and pondered getting it.

Congrats as well on the upcoming addition to your family. My second child was just born last month, and like you, there's almost a 10-year difference between my boys.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Once again,just wonderful stuff!