Thursday, October 28, 2010

Workbench Update: Experimenting With Cardboard Furniture

Since finishing up the building interiors a few days ago, I haven't had much chance for geek time. However, I managed to steal an hour or so this morning and took the opportunity to start making some cardboard furniture for my buildings. Here's a quick look at the progress so far.

Here's an altar for the church. The piece of card draped down over the front will be painted as an altar cloth while the casing glued to the top will be painted as a vase and filled with "flowers."

Since Chaos In Carpathia actually has special rules for holy water, I decided to make a font. I figure we could try a simple house rule - first human model to reach the font can take one free flask of holy water or (in the case of vampire henchmen and thralls) dump the contents of the font to prevent others from getting it.

Small wooden flower pot things and wooden discs glued together... Voila! simple tables.

As you would expect, this long table goes in the Longhouse. It looks a little low here, but its actually the same height as my other tables. I think the length makes the height seem a little distorted.

That's it for now. I have started about a half a dozen other tables that will hopefully be finished tomorrow. Then I guess I'll make some beds (I'm dreading those for some reason). I'm also planning on making some barrels and crates for some of the basements.

Finally, I've started painting some generic dungeon/crypt interiors and hallways. I also plan on making some simple sarcophagi for those, as well as a few surprises to add some character to the crypts. With any luck, I'll take whatever I have finished to geek night on Saturday and we'll take the building interiors for a test run.

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