Monday, November 1, 2010

Chaos In Carpathia - First Game Using Building Interiors

After working (kind of) hard on my building interiors, I was very excited to try them out and to get some feedback. So, when geek night rolled around this weekend, Chris and I hauled out the warbands and got down to business. I should point out that (as usual) I set up my Gothic Horror tables with more of an eye towards aesthetics than to tactics and, if I may be so bold, I really created a shooting-friendly table. As you'll see, I'm making excuses in advance.

Scenario: Seek & Find

Notice the nice open fields right in the
middle of the table? I'm just sayin

The off-table building interiors set-up
(as you would guess) just off the main table.

Warbands: British Monster Hunters vs. Romanian Vampires

Special Event: None

The opposing warbands started across from each other on either end of a small settlement and competed with each other by trying to discover hidden objectives in each of the four buildings. Austrian rifles found their mark and seriously limbed the vampires, in spite of their supposed resilience to firearms. In the end, by sticking together and working together, the human hunters swarmed and defeated their undead adversaries.
The Game:

The Mannleigh Expedition started at the T-junction leading into the village. As an Adventurous Scholar, Ms. Poundwood headed straight for the nearest building so that she could put her scholarly abilities to use hunting for the objective.

Bella, one of my Vampire Acolytes, tried to gain any available cover as she made her advance up the table.

Lyleth, one of my two lesser vampires, went to work seeking out objectives. Lucretia, my other lesser vampire, was shot down by Hans Klapp during the humans' first turn. Disgraceful!

Dr. Alcock moved into the other building at the north end of town and proceeded towards the cellar.

Mannleigh and the loyal Rutter stood guard between the two buildings while Alcock and Poundwood went to work searching the buildings.

Bella used the stone wall as cover as she moved towards the cottage.

Meanwhile, the Count Aldolphus and one his Vampire Acolytes made their way to the other side of the Long House where Ms. Poundwood was making her way towards the basement.

Hugo Forst, Mannleigh, and Rutter took up positions in the Long House while the Count and Hestor skulked outside the window.

The Count crashed through the window and engaged Mannleigh in a fierce melee. Sadly, prior to the duel Ms. Poundwood used her Gypsy's Luck skill to give Sir Thrustam extra Fate Points. He put them to good use and survived the Count's attack. Hestor (the Vampire Acolyte) jumped in behind the Count but Hugo (who had a held action) shot his pistol as she came through the window and put her down.

The Count and Sir Thrustam continued their duel. The Count seemed ready to use his action to finish off the British Hunter when Austrian hunter Hans Klapp burst through the door and fired two shots into the melee. His first took out Mannleigh's unfortunate hound Rutter, but his second proved to be fatal for the Count. It was a cinematic moment to be sure.

While all of this fighting was going on in the Long House, Lyleth had moved to her second building and found another objective. Frankly, she was the only member of my warband who seemed to be accomplishing anything.

Bella finally made it up to the hunters and charged into combat. Unfortunately, she had spent all of her Fate Points trying to survive rifle shots so she wasn't as potent in combat as she might have been. The good Johan put her out of her misery later in the turn.

After various misadventures inside the buildings the human hunters regrouped back on the road.

As the only surviving member of my Vampire warband, Lyleth charged into combat to try and cause some damage and hopefully to salvage some of my pride. The game ended after that turn. Lyleth managed to survive the scenario.

Result: Minor Victory for the British Monster Hunters

What a great game and, as hoped, the off-table building interiors worked very well. As to the game outcome, we each discovered and finished the scenario in possession of two objectives, so no victory points were scored. The hunter Hans Klapp did manage to kill a Master of Evil (the Count) so Chris earned one victory point. Chris really has to paint up some helpless female miniature to act as a Female Victim.

The MVP awards took little consideration to award this time round. Chris's hunter Hans took out two of my three vampires with his rifle. I can only assume that the bullets were laced with holy water. Lyleth was the star of the vampires as she discovered both of the objectives and of all her companions was the only survivor.

The next time we get together to play I should have finished the remaining fireplaces and the church furniture (and if I'm really lucky, some beds). In the meantime, I'm working away on tightening up my beta rules for using building interiors in Chaos in Carpathia. I certainly look forward to playing lots more games

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jmezz382 said...

What rule system are you using ? FATE ? How is it .... I was researching it and working towards a post apocalypse setting ...

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always I really like both the look of your games and narrative.Well done!


P.S.Perhaps next time you will have better luck dodging bullets!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous game, as usual!

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks guys!


The ruleset is Chaos In Carpathia, a GoalSystem Game by Scott Pyle. In addition to more standard attributes such as Strength, Agility, and Mind, characters also have a number of Fate Points ranging from 2 to 7. These points can be spent during a scenario to add extra dice to any Goal Rolls the character must make, and once spent, they are gone for the until the next game.

It's a very simple yet neat way to allow characters to cheat Fate at key moments in the game.

Macavity said...

Ok, have read your entire blog history, but don't recall you mentioning how you model your wheatfields. Mind letting me know?

Rob said...

I have been following your CiC posts for a while, and I really enjoy them. I've wanted to do more skirmish gaming, and I can only hope my games look half as good as yours do. Keep up the wonderful work!

JET (aka Jason) said...

Hey Macavity,

Sorry for the late reply. The wheat fields are simply a straw doormat cut in rectangles, glued to slightly larger cardboard bases with the edges, sanded, painted, and flocked.

Thanks Rob,

In Chaos In Carpathia the game you'll be playing or are you referring to something completely different.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Deano said...

A question? Why are vampire acolytes looking for "cover"? That seems somewhat out of character. I picture them as moving inexorably in mass toward their victims/goals.