Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Game of 28mm Fantasy Impetus

I've been a little lax in all areas of my geeking (including blogging) lately owing to the busyness of the impending Xmas season. However, Chris and Marc played the first test game of Fantasy Impetus last night and I managed to get a few usable shots of the action.

As you can see above, Marc has to finish basing his Elven cavalry but, that aside, the unit turned out quite awesome I think. Here we see his general and bodyguard eating through some large units of ratmen.

Chris brought along his newly-painted ruined tower. It's one of GW's new creations and, I have to say, it's really sweet. We used it in our Chaos In Carpathia game later in the evening as well.

The size of the table, as well as the move distances, are quite a leap from the 15mm scale we are used to playing in.

One of the final battles in the game. I believe that Marc's elves routed the rats and ended up winning the game.

This first test game was only about 200 points, about half of what we aim to play. At the very least, watching their game lit my Fantasy Impetus fires and I hope to have one productive painting day this week. Until then...

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Porky said...

Pretty shots - I love that tower too. I'm very interested in Impetus, based mainly on what I've seen here.

Andrew said...

That's some nice rust-painting on the tower gate. Speaking of GW scenery, I really want to get the citadel wood. Those gnarly trees would make for some cool tree monsters.

P.S. I like the idea of the multiple models mounted on single bases. It looks good and they're easy to move on the table!

Laughing Ferret said...

This looks appealing. Long ago I based up an old warhammer army for a fantasy unit-element game and found I enjoyed the look of it.

The element bases make the units look like units without looking as claustrophobic as masses of individual based minis.

Do you run it as straight historical-proxy or do you add fantasy aspects to it like magic?

JET (aka Jason) said...

We use a Fantasy modification of the Impetus rules - a historical ruleset by Lorenzo Satori.

I agree about the Warhammer claustrophobic look. I could never get into all of those models jammed on top of each other.