Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Workbench Update: More Fantasy Impetus Progress

Today, Marc and I decided to pool our Impetus enthusiasm by getting together to work on our 28mm fantasy armies. I plugged away at a batch of 20 Goblin Spearmen while Marc worked on a unit of High Elf Knights.

I admit, however, that I did get sidetracked into painting my goblin general and his pet squig. Most of the army is going to be garbed in black so I decided to select a few characters and to really make them pop with some contrasting colours. When this model gets nestled in amongst his black-clad brethren he should really stand out.

On another note, some of GW's design choices I'll never really understand. For example, why (and how) is this guy holding up (yet alone wielding) a blade that is as big as his body? Goblin enthusiasm I guess.

Marc brought along a couple of units of Elf Spearmen that he had recently based. There was some talk of Warhammer a couple of years back but it never really materialized. I think they look much better based for Impetus.

With any luck I'll steal another hour or so today and forge ahead with the Goblin Spearmen. I'll keep you all posted.

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Sire Godefroy said...

Cool looking general. I'm really looking forward to the first base(s) of your Goblin army.
The Elven spearmen turned out nice as well. However, I think your mate could improve their appearance by just adding a wash with brown/black paint or a layer of dip painted on.


PS: Did your Skaven player make any progress, too? If so, I'm still curious which list he'll be using. ;-)

Porky said...

Impetus is a new one on me. Will be looking into that.

The light robes on the gobbo and basing on the elves are refreshing changes, the kind of thing that makes a familiar model unfamiliar again.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Impetus is most certainly worth looking into.

I believe that Chris will be using the points system to create his units from scratch.

Galpy said...

Can i ask how did you set up your gallery link on the side i can't seem to get it like that looks great and your painting is awesome, real good