Monday, January 17, 2011

Chaos In Carpathia - Battle In (And Under) The Wilderness

This game actually took place a few weeks back but I'm only now getting around to posting the pics. Chris had just finished painting his new ruined tower and my underground interiors still had that "new crypt" smell so we were eager to throw down. Although the primary source of victory points for this scenario comes from defeating the enemy in combat, there's a chance of finding victory points by searching chests, bookcases, and sarcophagi.

Scenario: Battle In the Wilderness

The wilderness area, dominated by a ruined tower

The crypts under the ruins, accessible from three above-ground locations

Warbands: Romanian Vampires (me) vs. British Monster Hunters (Chris)

Special Events: Indoor House Rules

Although taking out enemy models in combat was the primary objective of the scenario, we each sent some members of our warbands to the crypts with hopes of stumbling upon some of the random victory points available there. By the scenario's end, my vampires had scored more victory points in both kills and treasure finds so it was an overwhelming victory for me.
The Battle:

Chris sent his best searchers (Dr. Alcock and Ms. Poundwood) to the crypts along with Hugo Forst for protection. Ms. Poundwood used her uncanny intuition to discover a secret door in a cabin cellar and gained access to the crypts that way.

Meanwhile, the Count advanced quickly towards the ruined tower...

While his minions came upon a hidden entrance to the crypts in a nearby cave.

As the humans began their search they were suddenly aware of a threatening presence in the darkness.

Out of nowhere, Lyleth flew into the unprepared humans and puts her vampiric savagery to good use.

The Count descended and joined his second-in-command. Poor Dick and Hugo never stood a chance really.

Lyleth got bored with the encounter and moved on while vampire acolyte Hestor and the Count's manservant, Dolf, joined in the fray.

On the surface, Sir Thrustam and Johann moved quietly around the perimeter of the tower...

...and found it occupied.

The vampire acolyte was threatened from all sides without any of her kind to assist her.

Johann moved to the top of the tower to gain a commanding view of the countryside.

After successfully besting their opponents in combat, Lyleth and Lucretia sniffed through the contents of the crypt. Lyleth actually managed to score a victory point when searching a chest.

Not the scholarly type, Lucretia quickly lost interest in the bookcase and found nothing of value.

Result: Major Victory for the Vampires

After being defeated quite handily by Sir Thrustam and his crowd numerous times, I was glad to finally put the Brits in their place. When the vampires get up close and personal with the more academically-inclined humans it often tends to be a one-sided affair.

As for my Interior House Rules, they are serving us quite well. What I like most is how rolling on the tables specific to each furniture type gives models secondary objectives to aim for. In other words, there is a purpose in going to explore the far-off places on the map, especially for those character types who are more stealthy or intellectual and less physical than their combat-oriented companions.

I spoke to Jordin this weekend and he has begun painting his vampires. With any luck we will be able to play a large four-player game very soon. Until then...

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking table and the crypt layout just works great in concert with above ground.Inspiring stuff as usual.:-)


Spacejacker said...

Great stuff as always. Your lovely looking models and tables are what spurred on my recent terrain drive. Thanks for sharing!

Mr Saturday said...

A gorgeous looking game. Everything is so sumptuous, it must have been a pleasure to play.

adeptgamer said...

Nice models, nice terrain, nice battle report... I hate you. ;)

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

So where did you get all the furniture, doors, etc. for the interiors?

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks for the kind words folks. It really is a fun game, especially when the setting looks convincing.

The doors and plastic/cardboard furniture came from HEROQUEST, a OOP GW game from some years ago. The columns and statues are homemade.