Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Fantasy Impetus Gaming

Two things to start. First of all, Happy Belated New Year. Second of all, please excuse my blogging laxness. Our baby has been teething since Xmas and no one is getting a great amount of sleep around here. However, geeking is alive and well and I thought I would kick-start my posting with some photos some Fantasy Impetus games we had on Saturday night past.

My goblin infantry line advanced through the gap.

Chris's ratmen warbands advanced towards my line. These large units are tough to deal with, despite their Discipline C. You can see some rat ogres in the background as well.

Here's one of my new units of goblin light cavalry pelting the advancing rats with arrows.

More of Chris's new units - skirmishing ratmen with slings.

It was a close game but, in the end, I was victorious. It takes a combined arms approach for me to deal with Chris's large units as, one-to-one, my goblin spearmen are no match for them.

My second game was against Chris H's Lizardmen army. Sadly, I took even less photos this time because the lighting didn't seem very good.

Chris's Slann Mage character. We had some discussion after the game about the value of individually-based wizards. In short, keeping them at a low-points cost seems the best compromise since they will never be (and aren't meant to be) the game-winning elements that similar units are in games like Warhammer.

The advance of the lizardmen infantry. I had units in position to charge the skirmishers in the flanks which negated their evasion ability and made them easy to disperse.

Chris's heavy infantry and monster. The heavy infantry are really the guts of the army and more of them would be a worthwhile addition to his force.

As I've said before, we're really having a good time with Fantasy Impetus and, with four of us with painted armies already, there's lots of opponents to test oneself against. I hope to post some proper photos of new goblin units soon so stay tuned and until then...

Thanks for reading,


Gyro said...

I'm gaining an unhealthy interest in Fantasy Impetus thanks all of your posts...

JET (aka Jason) said...

You're welcome... or I'm sorry... whichever is applicable :)

It's a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy a game with more subtle paths to victory.

Jules said...

Hi I just wanted to ask - what size are your bases for the fantasy troops?

athens-fantasy said...

wow..... do those look cool!

I mostly collect 15mm and 10mm (HOTT)

But this tempts me to do a small 28mm battalion I must say.....