Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Impetus Battle Report - Impetuous Cavalry Win the Day

It was time to face off against Stu's pesky Arab's again and, with my two units of newly-painted peasants in tow, I knew I couldn't lose ;). Here's a great shot of Stu's main command all ready to gallop across the field with arrows flying.

Not so much with the galloping, here's Stu's secondary command. It consisted of spearmen, skirmishers, and a couple of units of light cavalry.

Not the best photo, but here you can see my new secondary command. Peter Redgrave leads his men-at-arms, two units of peasants, and three units of Breton javelins. The command boasts an impressive frontage considering the entire group had a total of only eight VD. In other words, I hoped that it would keep part of Stu's army occupied and yet be completely disposable.

For this game, my three units of Impetuous cavalry were under the leadership of my CinC John Stockwood. I deployed one unit on my right flank next my secondary command. In this photo you can see how I'm actually starting to use my impetuous cavalry. Stu's subordinate general and his unit had stopped around 9.5 cm from my CP. If I tried to charge him he would surely evade. However, by placing my unit on opportunity, I could wait and react when Stu was the active player again making it impossible for him to evade.

In the end, Stu had no choice but to bite the bullet and I sent horses after him. Sadly, I only rolled a 1 on my charge movement bonus (I needed 2 or more). I did catch him after but, as it turns out, both Stu and I forgot that my cavalry should have ended the failed charge in disorder. However, as you'll see below, the game was actually decided on the other side of the field so no harm done.

Stu sent his main command, consisting of CM and CL with comp bow B, after my left flank. Two more units of impetuous cavalry stood guard. As soon as possible, I put both units on opportunity in order to keep them reined in and ready to react. This tactic works for my army as my core of longbowmen can reach out and force my enemy to either come after me or to get shot to pieces.

Eventually, Stu bit the bullet and my cavalry reacted. My units did very well (and I rolled very well) and before long, two units of CL were either routed or sent running with their tails between their legs.

Stu attempted to get some of his cavalry around my flank before my knights destroyed his center.

In the end, Rodger of Lynn and Etienne De Garde crashed into Stu's general. When the smoke cleared, half of Stu's main command was routed and at the end of the turn, it caused the entire army to fold leaving me victorious on the field of battle.

Another great game but, then again, there's really no such thing as a bad game of Impetus, regardless of the outcome. I'm in the process of learning a lot of finer points of the rules (like how to use my impetuous cavalry or how to use my different infantry types together) and it really increases one's joy of the game. Stu is the guy who played the 6mm Parthians a couple of years ago (for those of you who remember that) and this is a bit of an Impetus renaissance for him so there's a bit of re-learning and rules-polishing going on as well.

As an aside, Marc was at my house the other day prepping up his 15mm English cavalry so you can expect a fourth medieval army (and player) in the group within the next few months.

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