Thursday, June 2, 2011

Impetus Battle Report - Encircled by Horse Archers

Last time Stu and I played, his army was defeated by Stockwood's veteran force. Eager for a chance to take revenge on the infidels, Stu brought his Arab-Turk army out last Saturday and we threw down on a 6x4 table. Early on, the bulk of Stu's army was facing my knights, while my infantry were facing Stu's tiny infantry command. In turn two, one of my units of impetuous cavalry made an impressive run into Stu's line, destroyed a unit of Ghulams, and almost caught a unit of horse archers. (top right - unit with blue standard)

While Etienne and his knights were over-extending themselves, my Breton javelinmen were having a field day. They caused some substantial damage before they were run down. Things seemed to be going in my favour.

My other two units of knights, although not as destructive as Etienne and the Bretons, had caused some damage and succeeded in locking most of Stu's cavalry line in combat.

As the fight raged on, the Arabs were clearly coming out on top and it was time for me to concoct and to enact plan B.

I started wheeling and re-deploying large contingents of my infantry with the hopes of having a shower of arrows ready by the time Stu's cavalry reformed and came for my infantry line.

Sir Jonathan Deere tried to make it across the field to help but, alas, was interrupted by meddling Turkish horse archers.

By the time my line had reformed, enemy horses were swarming my flank. Furthermore, with all of my knights taken out, I was dangerously close to my break point.

The Arab cavalry encircling the Free Company.

The unit that lost me the game. The horse archers teamed-up against my unit of longbows, took them out and, in doing so, took me below my breakpoint.

It was a tremendous game. In fact, when you are 95% familiar with the rules, I find Impetus to be a very rewarding game, win or lose. Not that it hurts to win, mind you. In fact, I shall try to do just that next time we play. Until then...

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Fantastic looking game and really love all the color on the field. Better luck next time.:-)


Bard said...

As always great report and wonderful minis!

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks guys. I do quite love how colourful the armies are for this period.