Sunday, January 4, 2009

Early Imperial Romans for Impetus - model preparation

"When it rains it pours," as the saying goes, and does it ever apply to me. Ever since I discovered the Basic Impetus rules (get'em here FREE), I've wanted to start a historical project with someone (or someones), and even more so since buying the full rules last summer.Just after Chrismas, Keir committed to partaking in a long-term HYW project in 15mm (more on that here), and then, just this week, Stu and I decided to pursue a 6mm Impetus project; Imperial Romans (me) vs. Parthians (Stu).

Here's what I accomplised on day one - cleaned and based for painting:

Pictured above are all the models required to field this 500-point Early Imperial Roman list:

Command: Good CS, Expert CIC, Fair Generals x 2, Re-roll x 1 - 95 pts

Cavalry Units: Medium Cavalry (Alares) x 2, Light Cavalry (Libyans) x 1 - 69 pts
Infantry; Melee: Legionnaires x 6, Auxilia x 4 - 260 pts
Infantry; Missile: Auxiliary Archers x 2, Ballistae (mobile) x 1 - 52 pts
Skirmishers: Balearic Slingers x 2 - 28 pts

This 500 pt list is actually 504 points, but since Stu went over by a small few as well, we won't be sweating it.

As for basing you may ask...

We decided to base these armies as the author suggested in the rulebook; that is, to (more or less) halve the dimensions used for 28mm gaming. All frontages will be 6cm and depths will vary. We agreed on 2cm for skirmishers, 3cm for all other infantry, and 4cm for cavalry, chariots, and elephants. The small round wooden bases are being used for my three generals. This allows me to assign command to different units freely from game to game.

Finally, here's my inspiration.

The photo is taken from my copy of Warmaster Ancients. Also a great game (at least I assume from playing lots of the fantasy version.) It shows Rick Priestley's 10mm Imperial Roman army, and although mine will not be painted to such a high level, the photo has always been my inspiration to someday paint a Roman army.

Anyhoo, I am off to undercoat the pride of Rome. With any luck there'll be a progress post in the very near future.

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