Thursday, January 8, 2009

EIR - Roman Infantry Mass

It's about time for an update. I've had a few minor set-backs (like re-basing a couple of units), not to mention general laziness, but things are progressing nonetheless. I have to say, when it comes to 6mm, this project is making a believer out of me.

Here's what the Roman legion looks like on bases. This equates to six units of heavy foot in Impetus.

I've also finished painting four units of Roman auxilia. To reflect the less regimented nature of the units, I've based them in a central clump. In 6mm, I've found this is a good way to distinguish drilled heavy units (i.e. FP) from less drilled, lighter infantry (i.e. FL)

A little glimpse into what's coming up. I painted a cavalry test model. I'll be painting two units of medium cavalry. (hopefully tonight)

I'm also painting two units of Balaeric Slingers (S). I only have to paint a dozen or so of these as they'll be dispersed over 6x2 cm bases.

After the slingers and the cavalry, I'll have 14 of 18 units painted, so I'm starting to turn the corner where I'm seeing light.

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