Friday, November 20, 2009

Artillery & Crew (unit #1)

Impetus Unit Type: Art A
Base Size: 8cm x 4cm
Special: Artillery A
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli
Another beautiful set by Corvus Belli, and so suitable for Impetus big bases. The gent covering his ears in anticipation is my favourite model in the set. I had originally painted two archers to add to this base, but I decided at the last minute not to add them. I didn't want to clutter the base with filler.

I really appreciate how Impetus basing is so free-form and has completely broken free of the "pack on as many as you can fit" paradigm. Makes me wonder if I ever really liked that esthetic or was I "convinced" by certain companies that I was supposed to like it.


CWT said...

Fine work - on this, and all your Impetus bases!

Keir said...

Even though they both use element basing, Impetus seems to invite a completely different approach from an aesthetic perspective than Warmaster does. I don't know if it's a British wargaming thing with the big battalions, or if it was just the way that GW did up its moulds for its 10mm miniatures. I don't remember any rules that insisted on crowded Warmaster bases but that's the way I remember them.

Sire Godefroy said...

Some people prefer to avoid diorama elements on bases, because they can't cope with static scenes (like downed men) moving around the table. Personally I love 'scenic bits' that give a feeling for a certain period or setting. That's also why I'm now in the process of preparing an Impetus army.

Like the cannon very much. However, the guy protecting his ears seems to be a bit overcautious as the gun hasn't been loaded yet. ;-)

Watching your progress in awe