Thursday, November 26, 2009

So, What's Next?

I’ve posted lots of photos of my medieval project lately, and although there are still units to photograph and post, I’m glad to announce that I’ve reached my painting goal – a fully-painted 400-point Free Company army for Impetus. In order to reach my self-imposed pre-Christmas painting deadline, I now need to finish painting six infantry models and a warjack for my Warmachine Cygnar army. I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I figured that it was time to bring you all up to speed on my painting plans for 2010. Over the past year, I have admired many miniatures from afar. It’s been quite a year for the industry, with many great new games being released and affordable new miniatures becoming available. After much surfing and consideration, I’ve made some definite plans for the upcoming year.

Assumption, Oklahoma (continuing project)

Although we’ve taken a short hiatus, the escalating story of Assumption, Oklahoma is not over by a long shot. Sheriff Tom Gunne and his loyal lawmen will be facing new challenges throughout the year as the infamous Black Cole Elgin gang and southern outlaws of Major Eustace Pilesforth continue their illegal shenanigans.

I still have some citizen models and cattle in my collection to paint up for this period. I may try to create some new terrain elements as well. In addition to continuing our Legends of the Old West campaign, we will be trying out some multi-player Gutshot action with a whole new storyline and cast of characters.

Gothic Horror in Eastern Europe (new project)

Those of us who took part really enjoyed the Old West project. Furthermore, readers seemed to enjoy the narrative-style of the game reports, as well as the development of the characters.
Eager to try another skirmishing genre with a narrative edge, I’ve decided to start some Gothic Horror gaming using the awesome Chaos in Carpathia ruleset by Scott Pyle.

Like Legends of the Old West, the game requires very few models to start playing, and participants can choose from four different factions; European Monster Hunters, Human Treasure Hunters, Vampires, and Werewolves. I will be starting a Monster Hunter warband and Chris will be starting Vampires. I will be receiving some rural Russian buildings for Xmas, and as with the Assumption project, creating the environment will be as much a part of the project as painting the actual models. The storyline will develop as we play, and I’ll do my best to keep it creepy and moody.

Norse-Irish for Impetus (new project)

Ever since I discovered the Impetus rules a couple of years ago, the game has become one of my favourite pastimes. The game strikes just the right balance of depth and relaxed play for me. I also find the Impetus basing system very conducive to my style of painting. I can concentrate on one unit at a time, and enjoy the process of planning each base, treating each unit as a mini-diorama.

Since January 2009 I’ve painted three Impetus armies – 6mm Early Imperial Romans, 10mm Carthaginians, and 15mm Free Company. I will be adding a 15mm Norse-Irish to my collection in the coming months. I currently own enough Corvus Belli and Feudal Castings models to create between 200 and 300 points of Dark Age Irish forces. As the painting progresses, I will either expand with more Irish units, or possibly add an allied Norse contingent. I’ve had my eye on Viking models from Feudal Castings, Khurasan Miniatures, and Old Glory 15’s.

Chris and I have had such fun playing with our medieval armies that we decided to keep our second armies in a common period as well. To challenge my Irish, Chris will be painting Normans and we’ll do our best to “re-create” (i.e. butcher) the Norman Invasion of Norse-occupied Ireland. Ken has also mentioned that he will be ordering a 15mm medieval army for Xmas. He is a very skilled painter, and when it finally comes to pass, all of you historical guys will be drooling and prostrating yourselves in front of your monitors.

Alkemy (new project)

I spent almost a month before Xmas last year living in a hotel in Montreal . I was there for work, and one day I came up from the metro and saw Gamers World across the street. I went in to check their Warmachine stock (of which they had everything) and while in there, I stumbled upon the starter boxes for Alkemy. That Christmas, Ken, Marc, and I all mysteriously found Alkemy starter boxes under the Xmas tree.

Alkemy is another low model count skirmish game, and after having a couple of test games, we really enjoy it. There are currently only 10-15 models released for each faction, and the three of us now own just about everything available. I haven’t really done anything with them yet, but when I start in, I imagine that I’ll paint my entire collection (12 models) in record time.

Terrain, terrain, terrain...

I won’t go into detail right now, but I really want to expand my terrain collection during the coming year. As part of the Gothic Horror project I’ll be making some new landscape features and personality pieces. I’d also like to make some 15mm terrain to help improve the aesthetic of our Impetus games. Don’t hold me to it, but I may actually try my hand at making some terrain boards this year.

And There It Is...

Sorry for the length of the post, but it feel as if it’s been too long since I actually posted a real hobby update. 2009 was a very productive year for me geek-wise. I managed to finish Assumption, three Impetus armies, most of my Cygnar collection, and a variety of terrain elements. Here’s hoping that 2010 is just as productive.

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Andy McMaster said...

Look forward to following your progress next year as it's been fun to follow your blog, battles and painting progress over the last year.

I'm planning my own sort of gothic horror thing but in 15mm and firmly set in the 18th Century! There was an exvcellent report over at Ne Plus Ultra as well which you may find interesting?

All the best


Sire Godefroy said...

You're one of the few wargamers I know who tend to finish things they've started - e.g. your Medieval army for Impetus. Therefore, I'm really looking forward to next year's projects. Gothic Horror is one of those things I kept in mind for ages, but never dared to dive into. Could be altered by watching your progress, anyway...

Good luck!

JET (aka Jason) said...

I think that the Gothic Horror will be a fun project, both in terms of painting and playing.

Well SG, I do my best to try and finish whatever I start. The key, of course, is don't start too much :)

All the best,