Friday, February 5, 2010

Warmachine Action: Nemo vs. Skarre

Last Saturday night I played two games at Geek Night using Nemo, a caster whose been on the shelf for too long. Sadly, I forgot the camera, so I decided to bring the same list to Marc's house for a game last night. After the tea was poured and the terrain was laid out we got down to business.

By the second turn we were advancing pretty steadily toward each other. The blue token on Deathjack signifies Voltaic Snare. I was hoping to keep it tied up while my Centurion advanced into position to wreck it.

Nemo stayed back away from most of the action while the Stormguard headed towards the enemy. In our group, I find the Stormguard the least useful against Marc's Cryx army. He seems to always pick them off one by one, and when they do see action, it's usually against Mechanithralls with a Necrosurgeon in close proximity.

Skarre was moving cautiously at first, staying back with her thralls.

Marc sent Scrap Thralls out to get in my way. The little bastards took out a couple of Stormguard, as did the shot from the Bloat Thrall.

Marc moved the Slayer up to take the charge from the Centurion and to keep the Deathjack free. The Harrower moved up and started making wraith shots. This formation, of course, made a perfect target for Voltaic Snare. I pretty much kept all three heavy warjacks stationary for the game.

The previous turn for me was a bust. I had used Nemo's feat but had failed to do any significant damage to his force, and wasn't even close to threatening Skarre. In the meantime, Skarre had moved down the field towards my left flank. With her feat running (as well as that stack of focus) I couldn't really touch her.

The Centurion smashed the Slayer into a pile of bolts, and if the game had continued, he would have likely taken down the other two Cryx jacks.

Sadly, however, the game was about to end. Here's a photo of the last turn. Skarre moved up with a stack of focus and cast a couple of offensive spells on Nemo. I didn't realize how close to danger I had left him, and the old fellow went down, defeated.

Skarre stood victorious over the field of battle. Wench.

It was a humbling moment, but not a surprising one. By the third turn, although I was in a position to annihilate a lot of Marc's force, I realized that I wasn't in a position to threaten his actual caster.

On the bright side, it was my first game using the newly-released Mk II cards. It's very exciting to play with new cards (especially after a year of playing with hard-to-read PDF print-outs), but I frankly find them very "busy" in the layout department. I think that the quote on the front of the card eats up a lot of prime real estate that would be better used to display actual game information. Either way, I'm very happy to have them, layout minutiae notwithstanding.

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