Saturday, February 13, 2010

Workbench Update: Laying Out the Graveyard

I'm not typically one for posting so frequently but I figured that those of you following the Gothic Horror project would find this next step interesting. After my productive stint last night I decided that it was time to clear off the geek table and figure out where I'm headed with this project. After experimenting with layout this morning I realized that I would need more roads to give the feel of defined space. I grabbed the jigsaw and the dremel tool and made some more road pieces.

As you can see above, the Old Graveyard setting will fill a 4x4 table, and although fairly full of terrain pieces, it should have enough room to play on, especially with the small number of models used.

As per Marc's suggestion, I'm going to use a couple of GW Chaos Warriors to make Gothic-style statues at the entrance of the cemetery. They wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, but as with the Old West project, I'm trying to do most of this without spending any significant amount of money.

I've been saving this cork teapot holder for a long time and it's finally going to see service. I'm going to make a decorative pool in the middle of the cemetery to help create a focal point, as well as to create definition on the table.

Anyway, the next post in my Project Diary thread will be a gallery post of the finished graveyard. Tonight, Chris and I will be playing our first 400-point medieval Impetus game, so expect a battle report within the next couple of days.

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