Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chaos In Carpathia - A New Opponent, A New Approach

Marc dropped by last night with his freshly-painted Gothic Horror models, so we threw down the dungeon tiles and proceeded with a Chaos in Carpathia learning game. Marc may have been learning the rules, but I was also learning about the Mad Doctor's creations as adversaries. Where both vampires and werewolves tend to have lightning reflexes in the combat department, the doctor's creations are tough... like, really tough. The Monster himself has a damage resistance of 7 which, to my knowledge, is the highest in the game. Either way, it was a fun time and I think that Marc is a convert.

The elusive Dr. Prometheus Hartstone

Delilah searches for treasure.

Marc used the Dog Monster profile to represent these lesser monsters.

The lesser monsters and my lunatics were pretty evenly-matched.

Think your way out of this one Doc!

In addition to learning the rules, we looked at the campaign system contained in the Tom Weiss game add-on. Chris and I have been using a slightly-altered version of the rulebook's advancement system, but after revisiting the campaign system, I've started having second thoughts. The thing is, unlike many other adventure-style skirmish systems, CinC contains a very detailed list of skills and abilities for the different character types. Most characters start with lots of abilities, so acquiring new skills and advancing stat profiles is not particularly necessary.

Furthermore, the add-on campaign focuses on completing objectives, and with each major victory, a player can add a new character to his roster. His roster becomes a master list from which he can choose his warband before each scenario. It strikes me as a far friendlier method of warband growth and advancement for painters and players alike. I'm sure we'll try it out and make a decision. Either way, the story of Dertflinghan will proceed, and what sub-plots the mad doctor brings to the story shall remain to be seen.

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Spacejacker said...

I think the method of warband advancement you describe is the best way to go.
My group used to play a *lot* of blood bowl and Necromunda.. But the campaign always fell apart when somebody's team/gang became too powerful. Not just for the opponent either.. Keeping track of a huge list of improvements and special rules became a headache for the owner as well.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Hmm,Tom's add on does sound like the way to go.