Sunday, July 25, 2010

Warmachine Action: Epic Haley vs. Epic Kaya

Since Keir was in town, we had a mid-week Warmachine night Thursday past. I've had a few late nights with the new baby lately so I only had time to stay for one game, but oh what a game it was. Ken and Keir were both present, each trying to iron out last minute choices and strategies before heading off to Hardcore this year. A die roll left me and Ken facing off against each other - my Cygnar versus his Orboros.

Ken fielded a number of units that I had never faced before, specifically the Druids of Orboros, as well as the Alpha Warpwolf and the Warpwolf Stalker shown below. As you can see, he is no fool with a brush (although he is a fool of some renown in many other areas of his life)

I'm not sure of the names of all the abilities and spells that were used, but here's the gist of it: Kaya cast a spell to give her beasts Stealth (i.e. nerfing my shooting) while the druids used an ability so that I couldn't target most of Ken's units with magic. It was like playing against the Choir, only worse.

I had a couple of really good moments. Early in the game, I got an arc node into position and managed to essentially destroy the Bloodtrackers with a couple of Time Bomb spells. Here we see one of Haley's Lancers paying the price for his exuberance in this matter.

The photos make it all seem very one-sided (I take fewer photos when I'm kicking ass as I'm too busy kicking ass). For example, this Warpwolf had only three damage boxes left when he charged in and took Haley out. That's not to say that if he had been destroyed I would have survived. Ken had other threats in range.

I moved Haley up on to that hill so that she could use her hand cannon a few times. Dumb move as it turns out. I should have forgone the ranged attacks and kept her safe behind the hill. As for what I did right, I think that I did a fine job of using her feat to really suspend Ken's army in a large jar of molasses. The problem - I never had the follow-through in place and ready to deal the damage early enough, and in essence, I gave Ken the opportunity to retaliate after my feat had run its course.

Either way, excellent game. Ken seems to know his units and I think that he has a competitive list to field against his Hardcore opponents.

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Keir said...

Nice new look on the blog. Good jab at Ken.

John said...

I agree new layout looks great. Very nice looking models to

Monty said...


Kaptajn Congoboy said...

Looks like fun! We don't get the HORDES armies out as much as I'd like up here, but with the coming publication of Primal Mk2 I think we might be seeing my Skorne in action soon.

A question:
I am considering some historical gaming - 10mm, likely - and see you recommend Impetus. I share your opinion of DBMM and FOG, but have you tried Terry Gore's Medieval Warfare? It has some factors remniscient of Impetus and an order system I really like.

Keir said...

No, the last background (before the currebt beige slash) was much better. IMO.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks for the comments gents.

I've never tried Medieval Warfare (although I was recently given the Foundry Painting Guide as a gift, and it's a beautiful book), but it does sound like a good game.

I'll be sticking with Impetus for the foreseeable future since (a) I love it and (b) Another guy in the group is just starting to paint his 15mm English. I'm actually hoping to get my Irish off the ground in the next few months as well.