Monday, July 5, 2010

Workbench Update: Re-basing Evergreens

After making some bases of deciduous Autumn trees earlier this year, I noticed that my evergreen collection seemed a little lackluster by comparison. I purchased a couple of packages of new trees and mixed them with my older collection and began basing them in groups of one to three. Like the deciduous bases, I glued down tree bark to represent large rocky outcrops and, when the earth and rocks are painted, I'll add a mix of flock and grass to finish them off.

By keeping the various-sized bases relatively small, I'll be able to place them on forest templates for games like Warmachine or just lay them out as individual pieces for games like Chaos in Carpathia or Legends of the Old West.

I glued the sand down yesterday while Jacob and his Mom were napping and my oldest son Ben was outside with his friends. If the Fates smile on me, I'll basecoat black tomorrow and do the painting and ground cover when the opportunity presents itself.

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Gyro said...

Looking good, and easy enough for even me to pull off. Where'd you get the trees from?

JET (aka Jason) said...

I've procured them over time from various manufacturers. The most recent ones I've bought are from Bachman. They are quite reasonably priced and durable. Here they are: