Monday, May 23, 2011

Workbench Update: Starting the Slavs

My painting table's been pretty quiet for the past month or so. Busy at work, busy at home - you know the drill. This week I thought, "enough is enough," kicked myself in the ass, and started painting some 15mm Slavs for Impetus.

The photo is a little on the dark side but I uploaded a fairly large version so click to see more detail. The miniatures are Old Glory 15s and they are really great models. I've heard lots of complaining about OG miniatures (mostly their 28mm, but also about their 15mm as well), but I don' t see the problem. These miniatures were sculpted with painting in mind. They are one-piece (read: no shields or spears to attach) and each code comes with quite a number of poses. I should mention, this 15mm collection was given to me by a very kind reader. Frankly, now that I see how nice they are (and how many there are) I will have to contact him and retroactively offer him something in trade.

As to the paint scheme, I chose to stick with primarily creams, beiges, and browns for the clothing and to paint the shields as plain wooden planks. The majority will be armed with javelins and axes, but I'll sprinkle a couple of swords and painted shields in just to represent the few professional warriors in the bunch. As it stands right now, the first 400 points of this army will consist entirely of javelinmen units (FL-light foot) and archer units (S-skirmisher). Combine that with a Poor command structure and I'll be left with an army that plays VERY differently than the balanced Free Company army that I've become used to.

For now, this project will take front and center stage. I've simplified my usual method and, in many cases, I've only added one highlight to the base colour. I've decided that every army I paint doesn't have to be a showcase army. With any luck, this one will come together fairly quickly. Stay tuned.

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SpeedyFrenchy said...

Single highlight or not, they look pretty sharp to me.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looking good and always nice to get back in the painting mood.