Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Update: Marc's 15mm HYW English Off the Ground

Just to put it all in perspective, Marc is the guy in our group who plays (a) Cryx in Warmachine, (b) High Elves in Fantasy Impetus, and (c) The Mad Doctor in Chaos in Carpathia. Well, this time he's done something that excites me more than any of those things. He's finally come out of the gate with his 15mm historical army for Impetus.

Marc has enough Corvus Belli and Feudal Castings miniatures to build a 400-point English army. He showed up at my house last night with a unit of hobilars painted and based. I like the muted colour scheme (they are commoners after all) and, although they are a humble VBU:4, I think their being faster medium cavalry will help with flanking maneuvers against enemy infantry.

As I said more than once on this blog, Impetus is far and away my favourite miniatures game. I love the rules, I love the aesthetic, and I love the perfect balance of relaxation and depth of play. Now that Marc has started his army, there will be four players in our group with 15mm historical armies. Huzzah!

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Congratulations on getting a new player. I'm still trying to convince others at my club to give Impetus a try.


blacksmith said...

I listed you for the Stylish Blogger Awards. See details here:
Thank you!

Hetairoi said...

Me too... ;-)

JET (aka Jason) said...

OK guys,

I'm flattered. I'll look into these awards, even though, most of those who I would vote for have been the folks mentioning me in the last few posts.

Andy McMaster said...

Another award coming your way!