Monday, December 14, 2009

The Call of Corruption - Impetus Fantasy in 28mm

Although I quite recently updated you all on my upcoming projects for 2010, I've already added another to the list. Ever since some of the guys on the Impetus forum released the unofficial fantasy supplement, I've been digging through some odds and ends I have lying around and plan on putting some long-forgotten chaos models to good (evil?) use. This won't stop me from working on 15mm Dark Age Irish, Chaos in Carpathia, or Alkemy - it will just be thrown on the pile, and I'll hopefully have all of these projects accomplished before the baby arrives in July.

I plan on aiming for 400 points as it seems to be the most common game size in our group. Of course, many fantasy armies are composed of more expensive units, so a 400-point fantasy army will generally be smaller than a historical one. I'll briefly outline what I plan on doing.

Chaos Knights x 1 (CP)
I recently bought a box of the GW plastics, and it has to be said, they are awesome. I'm not as much of a fan of the GW sculpting style anymore, but the new Chaos units are an exception. I think I'll be putting three on the base, representing the general and his men. I was pondering four, but these guys are fairly bulky.

Chaos Warriors x 2 (FP)
Ken was kind enough to give me a box of chaos warriors some time ago, and it's high time that they were put to use. I have six models to use per base, so I'll likely add a little "something" to each unit to fill it out a bit. Can't tell you everything - there have to be some surprises ;).

Chaos Sorcerer x 1 (CH-Wizard)
The fantasy supplement has some new unit types, including the CH (or character) type. When fielded individually, these special units are based at half of the regular frontage and operate as any other unit in the game... except for the special abilities and spells of course. I have one of the newer plastic Empire wizards from GW which I may use for this unit, or I may go ahead and buy the current GW metal sorcerer with the horns.

Chaos Spawn x 1 (M)
The M (or monster) is another new unit type in the game. Most lists that include monsters have a generic enough stat line to allow any number of models to be fielded. Although a chaos army would look great with a shaggoth, giant, ogres, or even dragon, I just happen to have a metal chaos spawn still in the box. I look forward to putting it on the field.

Chaos Hounds x 2 (CL)
Although there aren't any light cavalry units in the Corrupted army list, the designers encourage players to use units from any of the other lists in order to accurately represent their armies. Since I have a box of the lovely plastic chaos hounds, I've decided to field a couple of units of close-combat light cavalry borrowed from the Orc list.

Evil Men x 3 (S)
I 'm generally not a rash consumer of geekly wares. In fact, I often put more thought into buying a $5.00 model than some of the guys put into buying a $500.00 army. However, about a year ago I bought a box of plastic GW crossbowmen. I'm going to do some minor conversions and paint them up as traitorous crossbow-toting cultists. It should be fun.

Daemons x 3 (S x 2 and FL x 1)
I have eight metal daemonettes and eight metal horrors of Tzeentch all painted-up for my Lost and the Damned army for 40k. Since I don't play 40k anymore, I am overjoyed to pull these guys out of storage and to re-base them for Impetus. The daemonettes will function as close-combat skirmishers while the Horrors will be a FL unit that my sorcerer will (hopefully) be summoning.

Anyway, that's the plan for now. Models for the first unit have been primed, so I expect to have a completed unit posted for your viewing pleasure in the not-too-distant future.

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Sire Godefroy said...

Yes, come to the better side, feel the power, join the Chaos! Erm...
I'm too much a fan of Fantasy skirmishes to give in to Fantasy Impetus yet. But I'm looking forward to your approach - especially as you will paint up some more 28mm which is my favorite scale. Maybe you could change my paths again.


Anonymous said...

I am also interested in putting togther a fantasy themed army for impetus. I was thinking about GW models but was somewhat unsure about how many per base (I've only done 15mm Historical impetus). However, the dark side calls me!

Anonymous said...


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.