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Geek Day Diary Entry #5: "Mk II Warmachine and Hordes Tournament"

It's been a while since I've posted a Geek Day entry. Although we had a day in October (Halloween actually), we played a six-player game of Twilight Imperium that turned out to be a bust. The game really dragged and we never finished it. The game seems to borrow elements from a number of other games, and then attempts to combine them rather unsuccessfully. But I shall reserve my TI criticisms for the present.

Our November Geek Day, by contrast, was a smashing success. Keir, one of our geeks abroad made the hellishly eight-hour long drive over a dark, wet, and fog-ridden highway in order to be present. In the end, he won our modified steamroller tournament, so I'm sure the driving was worth it in the end.

Five at the table; one behind the camera - all ready for action!

With the recent release of the Hordes Mk II Beta Rules, we had a mix of Warmachine and Hordes armies on the table. Those present included Chris H. (Khador), Ken (Orboros), Marc (Cryx), Keir (Khador), Stu (Cygnar) and me (Trollbloods). Stu organized a customized Steamroller tournament where players could earn one tournament victory point for completing the scenario objective and one victory point for a caster kill. So, if the timing was right, one could earn two victory points per scenario. Here's the brief run-down of my three games:

Game #1: Hoarluk (my Trolls) vs. Kaya (Ken's Orboros)

It was fitting that the first match-up was an all-Hordes smashathon. Ken and I played a scenario with two objective points on the table. Victory was achieved by controlling a five-inch radius around each objective by the end of a player's turn. After a couple of rounds of combat between our thinly-spread forces, I managed to use the Troll Champions to decimate all-comers near one objective, while the Pyg Bushwackers rushed out to claim the second. I earned one VP for claiming the objective, but failed to kill (or even engage) Kaya.

Hoarluk stayed in a central position in an attempt to keep his beasts under control.

The ground shook just before the Dire Troll threw the Warp Wolf away from the objective, allowing the Pygs to move in and claim victory.

Troll Champions pulverized the Bloodtrackers.

Game #2: Madrak (my Trollbloods) vs. Karchev (Chris's Khador)

When Chris and I played, the table was divided into six zones - three on each side of the table. The first player to control two of his own zones and one of his opponent's was the winner. I also won this scenario by accomplishing the objective before Chris. Chris managed to get a Spriggan into combat with Madrak, but thanks to damage transference and the Scroll of Grindar's Perseverance, Madrak survived. The following turn, my units moved into the necessary zones and ended the game. Again, there was no caster kill so I scored 1 VP.

Karchev and his battlegroup advanced towards my line.

Madrak taking a pounding.

The Pygs claimed their second objective of the day.

Game #3: Madrak (my Trollbloods) vs. Vlad (Keir's Khador)

The final scenario had two markers placed in each player's deployment zone. The scenario objective was to move heavy hitters into the enemy zone and to destroy or seriously damage the markers. Our game involved a lot of melee, and eventually saw the two casters locked in mortal combat. Madrak came out short, and Keir earned victory points for both the objectives and the caster kill.

Battle was joined under the shadow of the watchtower.

The champions had their work cut out for them.

Khadorean battle prowess overcame troll savagery.

Game 4: Caine (my Cygnar) vs. Vlad (Keir's Khador)

Although the tournament ended at supper time, after a hearty meal, Keir and I adjourned to the basement and played a game of Warmachine. He used the same list from the tournament and I broke out the Cygnareans. As it turns out, the mass of Cygnar shooting took its toll on the Khador forces, and as the battle neared its end, even the mighty dark prince went down to a shower of magelock pistol fire.

Caine's forces advanced with guns drawn.

After Caine's feat, the first wave of the Khador force was seriously diminished.

The Khador heavy jack and Great Bears caused massive damage on the Cygnar warjacks.

Anyone doing up a Camaro? Cheap spare parts.

What's worse than a Man-O-War Kovnik? Two Man-O-War Kovniks.


As far as the tournament went, Keir won the day with a total of four victory points, and I think everyone had a good time. In fact, it's been some time since so many of us played Warmachine and Hordes at one time. In any event, I'm sure Keir drove home with a tremendous smile on his face as he reflected on his victory. Hopefully he'll find his way in again before too long. I don't know about any of you, but I think he should get back at that 15mm Medieval French army for Impetus. ;)

And although Chris E. isn't really a Warmachine or Hordes player, even he made an appearance during the afternoon and managed to paint a couple of units of crossbowmen for Impetus.

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