Friday, December 18, 2009

Workbench Update: Projects Old and New

With Xmas day just a week away, and being bombarded with lots of Xmas-related responsiblities, my geeking has certainly slowed down. That's not to say it's stopped, however. More importantly, I'm off during the entire week after the big day, and I plan on accomplishing something geek-related during that time.

Last night I cleaned up and mounted all of the models for my Chaos in Carpathia Werewolf warband, as shown above. Rumour has it that I'll be getting a collection of 28mm rural eastern european buildings for Xmas, so it shouldn't take very long to get this project up and running. After writing this post, I'll be getting the base-material down on these minis and plan to prime them sometime tomorrow. Chris E. plans on starting his Monster Hunter warband as well, and I believe that both Marc (probably Monster Hunters) and Ken (probably Vampires) will find themselves involved in this project before long.

For the Impetus fans out there, here's a shot of the first unit-in-progress for my 28mm Corrupted army for Impetus Fantasy. This base will obviously be a base of CP with my one and only general. When the painting is finished, the minis will be removed from the black bases and mounted to the wooden base under them. I predict that their first opponents will be Marc's Elves.

I'm just finishing up a couple of Stormguard for my Cygnar army so that I can field a 10-man unit. Warmachine and Hordes are both growing in our group right now - In addition to Yours Truly (Cygnar, Trollbloods), we have Ken (Menoth, Orboros, Skorne), Keir (Khador, Cryx), Marc (Cryx), Chris H. (Khador), Stu (Cygnar), as well as Nick (Orboros) and Jordan (Everblight), a couple of new recruits with armies in progress. Although the Privateer Press games aren't my main gaming interest anymore, I still love both games, and am especially excited about playing a common game with a larger group. I would say that in a year we'll be having some truly grand Warmachine & Hordes tournaments.

And finally, again for the Impetus fans, all that Chris E. has left to paint for his 400-point Milanese army is one unit of artillery and one unit of heavy cavalry. When that happens, I'll be taking a bunch of photos and putting up a gallery post. Until then...

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Keir said...

Keir - Khador, Menoth, Cryx, Skorne, Legion, proxy Orboros and proxy Cygnar (more about that later)

JET (aka Jason) said...

I thought you gave up on Menoth? Forgot about the proxy Orboros. Cygnar... do tell.