Saturday, December 12, 2009

Irish Bonnachts (unit #1)

Impetus Unit Type: FL
Base Size: 8cm x 4cm
Special: javelin
Manufacturer: Feudal Castings and Corvus Belli
Ever since I developed an interest in historical wargaming I've wanted to play a dark age army. When Extra Impetus #2 came out I had a quick glance through the lists in the "Year 1000" section and decided on Norse-Irish. I'll initially be completing a core of light foot and skirmishers. Since there's an option to add Norse allies I'll likely add some huscarls down the road.

The models are from Feudal Castings' feudal/medieval Irish range with a couple of exceptions. The figure to your left is a CB Irish Kern from their HYW range. I had some lying around and thought they looked more dark age and decided to mix them throughout the army. The model with the blue shield is a Feudal Casting Pict model. I also have a few of those lying around and thought they would mix nicely.


yorkie said...

These look very nice, what is the grass turf stuff you use on your bases? I use static grass and clump foilage but have never been able to find the stuff you use.

It looks very good and helps to make the whole base of figures look outstanding


Bishop Lord said...

As always very nice,Im missing those Impetus base sizes at the momentm