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Chaos In Carpathia - Recent Battles Against the Doctor's Creations

Although we've played some games lately, I haven't really had the energy to write a chapter for the ongoing campaign story, so I decided to post some photos and commentary instead. The outcomes of these battles, however, still count towards our ongoing campaign results.

Scenario: The Breakthrough

Bloodrunner took a free move before the game
began thanks to the Old Woodsmen's Guide rule.

Werewolves vs. Mad Doctor

Special Event: Grudge Match

Marc's warband started at a farmstead and my werewolves lied in wait across the road in the forest. He gained additional victory points for breaking through my line and getting models off the table. The game ended up being a melee pile-up in the fields with the werewolves coming out on top.

The Game:

Antoine's man Johnson fires his crossbow at Bloodrunner but the agile lycanthrope proves too fast.

Marc moved the Monster out early and it was likely a mistake as it put him in charge range of numerous threats, including the savage attacks of Blackmaw.

After Blackmaw's initial attacks, an inmate rushed in and finished the job. Werewolf players should definitely include inmates in their lists. In addition to the Dedication rule, they hit hard, and with Fate:4, they can make additional attacks at crucial times.

Before long an all out brawl was taking place. Because he was trying to get his models off of the table, Marc couldn't keep his monster controllers (Delilah and the Dr. Hartstone) as far back from danger as he might have liked. I did my best to target them so that the monsters would not be so mobile. Below, Bloodrunner takes Delilah out.

The Great Wolf makes it to the good (and unfortunate) doctor and by the following turn had destroyed him.

Things were going very poorly for the Doctor's warband. The black markers represent models that were KO'd. Since the Doctor was otherwise engaged he couldn't heal the downed creatures.

The Old Woodsmen spent most of the time supporting the werewolves from a distance with his crossbow.

Result: Major Victory for the Werewolves.

* * * * *

Scenario: Battle in the Wilderness

The sprawling Carpathian woods at night. Boo.

Warbands: Nosferatu vs. Mad Doctor

Special Event: Fallen Temple

My vampires duked it out with Marc's Doctor and creations. I felt confident that my vampires could stand up to his creations in combat, but I never counted on the darn crossbows. A hard-learned lesson for all vampire players to remember - vampires get DR re-rolls vs FIREARMS, not all ranged weapons. My vampires were spanked handily.
The Game:

Giant wolves follow the vampires from the forest. This poor fellow was put down thanks to Delilah's pistol.

One of the doctor's human henchmen, the French Hunter Antoine De Bellevue, hit my vampire Lyleth with a crossbow bolt, after which I learned how vulnerable vampires are to crossbow bolts. It makes perfect sense considering a crossbow is essentially a wooden stake shooter, and I saw the movie The Monster Squad when I was a kid, so there was no excuse for me not knowing this.

I just love this shot. Although the rules for the Fallen Temple Special Event specify setting it up in the middle of the table, we already had the terrain laid-out when we rolled our event and neither of us cared enough to move the terrain around. Marc's monsters had to spend some time negotiating the cursed grounds of the temple.

This is where the game crescendoed and ended - in a massive melee in which my vampires were unceremoniously put out of their misery. Marc put the outnumbering in combat rules to good use, especially considering that I lost a two of my six models en route to the enemy.

Result: Major Victory for the Mad Doctor

And there it was. Chaos in Carpathia is one of the games in our group that just keeps on delivering. In addition to providing challenging and relaxing gameplay, we get to banter using cheesy accents while we play. Stay tuned for more Gothic Horror action.

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