Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workbench Update: Back at the Workbench

Perhaps the biggest project news is that I've abandoned my temporary post at the dining room table and have re-settled my geek room in the basement. Now that Jake is 3 months old he sleeps in his crib so I can sit in the basement next to the baby monitor and paint away.

No staggering accomplishments lately, but just to prove that I haven't been completely dormant, here's a shot of my almost-complete Hungarian Monster Hunters for Chaos in Carpathia. I have two models left to paint and then it will be time for a gallery post and, more importantly, for the Von Krumm expedition to enter the story.

Some of you might remember my test-paint I did on the Chaos knight a little while back. The remaining models to complete the unit are primed and staring at me from across the painting table as well. Consider them on the short list.

And let's not forget the 15mm Irish project. It's slow-moving to be sure but it isn't forgotten. I've started the preliminary work on another unit and, as soon as the Hungarians are finished off, I will likely paint up my third unit of Irish

So, that's were things are at present. If the baby takes a lengthy nap later on I'll endeavor to finish up the Hungarians. In the meantime, however, I shall sit here drinking tea and reading my book until he does.

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Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

The Hungarians are absolutly fantastics. You've done a great job on them. Are they all from the same manufacturer?

JET (aka Jason) said...

All of the models but the monkey are from Westwind's Gothic Horror range. The monkey is a plastic figure that came with Games Workshop's crossbowmen/handgunner boxed set. I actually plan on painting up the crossbowmen as the Von Krumm Houseguard in the near-ish future.

Thanks for compliments.

Andrew said...

My paint station is a mobile one. I carry my paints in a shoe box to the kitchen island, dining room table, or at my desk.

How will you be using the 15mm Irish?

JET (aka Jason) said...

The Irish are being based for Impetus. I'm working my way through one base at a time. (Well, "working" might be a stretch)

All of the finished bases end up in this thread:

CPBelt said...

I so glad to find someone like myself who loves the West Wind figures. They deserve more love than they get! Your painting looks great.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks CP. I find the Westwind figures not only look good, but they were sculpted with painters in mind. They have enough detail to make them look nice but not so much to make them annoying to paint. The older I get the more I appreciate simplicity. :)