Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workbench Update: Chaos Knight Test Model

Since the group has decided to band together around a 28mm Fantasy Impetus project I've made a humble start on my army. After some deliberation, I decided to go with the Chaos/Corrupted/Bad Guy/Misunderstood army. I started by painting one of the GW Chaos Knight models.

When I first looked at the cover photography on the box I knew that I wouldn't be copying the GW paint scheme - too much work. These models are hyper-detailed and, with that in mind, I thought that I would put some metallic drybrushing and inking to good use and let all of that detail do the work. However, when the metallic parts were finished (about 80% or more of the model), I realized that I needed some contrast to make the thing look plausible. So I did the unthinkable - I painted a Chaos horse not-black. I realize that this may offend the sensibilities of the most die-hard GW fanboys but part of being a revolutionary is taking chances and making enemies ;). So there.

The current plan is to put three knights on a 12xm x 8cm base and to fill in the gaps with a Chaos Hound or two. We'll see. The thing is, I'm still contemplating what type of army to do. What I mean is, I intend to use this project as a sort of replacement for one of the historical projects on the wish list. With that in mind, I could make this army very Sarmation-ish (lots of knights with a unit or two of light horse and a handful of skirmishers) or I could go for something more balanced (some cavalry, some infantry, a little weirdness to smooth it out)

Now, I know that I could squeeze four knights on here, but I've decided not to for a couple of reasons. First of all, if our fantasy armies grow large it will be more feasible to build the army with the lower numbers. Secondly, if I decide to field some particularly elite knights (i.e. VBU 8 instead of 7) I could reserve four per base for those units. You see, I actually do think things through sometimes in spite of the popular opinion to the contrary.

I'll leave you with some rhetorical questions that I've been asking myself over the last couple of days (which you should feel free to answer):

  • Should I field some light cavalry? I was thinking of marauder horsemen models. Perhaps two per base with a couple of hounds for filler? Something like (VBU:4 I:2, Javelin).

  • For skirmishers I was pondering some plastic GW crossbowmen painted mostly in black (Long John SoAndSo and his cronies) as well as some bowmen based on GW's plastic Ungor models. Or perhaps I should stick with one or the other. You must understand that I came to the Warhammer World through Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, not through the miniatures game, so the idea of evil men retreating north in search of asylum fits very nicely in my vision of the Old World.

  • Chaos Warriors. I have enough to paint up a unit. However, my last three Impetus armies (EIR, Carthage, Free Company) have had considerable numbers of heavy foot and I wonder would this army make a nice break from FP units. Not sure.

  • Are the special fantasy characters really viable on the field? As Marc pointed out the other day, the average CH-Wizard unit in the game is about 50 points and must roll a 5+ in order to cast most spells. I could have a unit of Chaos Knights (VBU:7 I:5, Rush, Fierce Charge) for less than that. In short, I'm not convinced about the whole character thing at the moment. I would love for some enlightened individual who's played with characters to explain it to me.

  • I have a metal Chaos Spawn model down in the pile somewhere. If I go with a cavalry army, should I still use it or not? It would move as fast as the heavy cavalry but I wonder would it look out of place?
That's all for now, I haven't done much more painting since the day before yesterday, however I am filing up models for my third unit of Irish. I found out that Chris has begun priming his Normans so I'll likely get a 15mm Dark Age game before I get a fantasy one. Time will tell.

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Sire Godefroy said...

Personally I'm completely fine with a non-black Chaos horse. Maybe it's not yet been turned into such a beast as your men have just become disciples of Chaos.
Paintingwise the knight and his horse look very cool, too. Like the way you've painted the darkened metal.

I'm still intrigued by the idea of a Chaos force that is heavily inspired by the Conan universe, i.e. a lot of barbarian beef-cakes and big black knights. Okay, that's where GW's version came from, so actually back to the roots. Copplestone's Barbarian range (now owned by Mirliton me thinks) would be my first choice then.

Sorry, no answers to your questions.


fireymonkeyboy said...


Metals look lovely. I'd go with a combo of light and heavy cav - the lights play a different role screening heavy cav than they do heavy infantry, and it's a new combo for you to try in game.

CounterFett said...

I like the idea of the marauder cav as light with Javelin, I was planning something very similar to this myself.

To thin out the cost, I was going to do a pack of Wargames Factory Celtic Cav mixed with Bitz of Chaos Marauders Cav, to get what, 18-20 riders with a 'watered down' chaos feel. Sort of like Thulsa Doom's riders at the beginning of Conan the Barbarian.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

He looks great!


adeptgamer said...

THAT is a fine looking cavalry soldier my friend.

JET (aka Jason) said...

As you guys have mentioned, I'll likely go with some light cavalry at some point. First I'll concentrate on painting some more knights.

Bishop Lord said...

Thats looking tasty, really like the metal:-)

James said...

It's a horse. Chaos horse, Imperial horse, a horse is a horse is a horse. Fine, fine, Chaos always uses black horses to the point they have gone black-blind and can't see their horses. It

Dan S said...

The Knight looks brilliant.And all black horses would be boring. Same reason I paint some Elven steeds other shades than white or grey...

Definitely include some Chaos Warriors! Those are awesome models that truly convey a sense of martial might mixed with barbarism. You already have the models, so you're crazy not to. A balanced army with heavy/light cav plus heavy foot - what's not to like? :)

Dan S

Anonymous said...

How did you paint this guy?