Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warmachine Action: Jeremiah Kraye vs. Morghoul and Vayl

Warmachine and Hordes was the order of the evening and I decided to field Jeremiah Kraye, a caster who I haven't had a lot of experience playing. I also played the most jack-heavy list I've ever used in a 35-point game. I put down Kraye, the Squire, and a battlegroup consisting of a Hunter, Ironclad, Centurion...

...Defender, Charger, and a Sentinel. I can't remember the last time that I played a game without a Journeyman. I really missed Arcane Shield.

The first game was against Ken's Skorne army. It was a relatively short game as I put Kraye in a very precarious position. Ken used various spells/abilities from the paingivers and Morghoul to allow the Titan Gladiator and the Cyclops Savage to charge my caster. As you would guess, Kraye didn't survive the encounter.

My second game was against Jordin's Everblight army and, for some reason, I forgot to take photos until the second turn. The photo below shows the centre of the field right after Kraye popped his feat. Thanks to extra movement from both his feat and the Full Tilt spell, the Ironclad destroyed Typhon and the Centurion shredded an Angelius.

The Raptors took some shots but eventually charged into my line in an attempt to keep my jacks away from Vayl.

After making a valiant effort to survive the my initial smash, Vayl eventually went down to a couple of boosted shots from the Charger. Although Vayl had some Fury on her there was no opportunity to transfer damage since the Seraph was the last surviving warbeast and it was already at its Fury limit.

Both games were quite enjoyable, and in each I had the opportunity to observe a slaughterfest, each one from a different perspective. I quite enjoyed using Kraye and my crazy warjack-heavy list and plan on trying it out again in the future, perhaps next time at the 50-point level with some Solo support.

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