Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impetus - Still Alive (and about to start kicking much harder)

It may seem as if Impetus has been getting no love as of late. I figured that it was time to reassure readers of the historical persuasion that all is going strong in the Impetus department. In fact, Stu and I have brainwas... ehh... conscripted... wait; invited (that's the word I was looking for) someone else to join our historical enclave. Chris H. (whose name you recognize from some of the Warmachine battle reports) has signed on with "Project: Impetus" and already painted up a few units.

Chris's first painted units: Auxilia Infantry and Alares Cavalry

Chris has decided to try painting and playing a Palmyran army from the Impetus Beta Lists. It allows him to field a small contingent of Roman legion, auxilia, and equites, but also allows a core force of Syrian troops including cataphracts, formed and skirmishing archers, and horse archers.

Chris and I sorted through models...

...while Stu worked on his second army - Spartans!

The bottom line - Impetus is growing in the group. As one of my favourite wargaming rulesets, I'm tickled about the expansion. Hopefully the fervour will spread and others will flock to our banner. In the meantime, I am sticking to my goal of finishing some Cygnar models for now. However, by June, I expect to be back into the Persian project full force. Stay tuned.

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Sean said...

Keep up this 6mm adventure, its fun to read and inspiring too. But where are the barbarians?

Cheers again, sean.