Monday, May 18, 2009

Workbench Update: Scale Inconsistency

So I've just finished painting the Black 13th Strike Team for my Cygnar army. I find that I rushed a little here and there, and was sloppy in a couple of places. The real issue was scale inconsistency. Even though these are beautifully-sculpted models, I found it hard to be inspired by them because they stand out so harshly from the rest of my Cygnar collection.

For example, I'm about to start painting the mercenary model, Rupert Carvolo. This model comes from the Escalation era of the game, a real golden age for the Privateer Press model collection, in my opinion. As you can see, the scaling is so different that the models may as well be from different species.

I had a very "just get them done" attitude when painting the Black 13th. I own them, and therefore wanted them painted so I could use the unit in my games. However, knowing that they wouldn't "fit in" with the rest of my faction ground on my nerves the entire time I was painting them.

Anyway, they are done now, and I'm sure I'll have a blast playing them. I can't believe I'm going to compliment Games Workshop in writing, but here it is - I appreciate how GW imposes strict limitations on its sculptors just so this inconsistency issue is avoided. Privateer Press has some real gems in their growing model collection, and hopefully they will make the effort to keep their models to the same scale standard from now on.

The only unpainted Warmachine models I have left in my collection right now are Rupert Carvolo, Epic Nemo, and the original Journeyman. I won't have them all done before this Saturday (my original goal), but I'm pleased with the progress thus far. It's getting harder and harder to concentrate - those Persians keep whispering from the shelf.

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Miniature Minds said...

(Whispering)Paint the Persians....paint the Persians.....paint the Persians....

Would really like to see them done, great Impetus Battle reports as well. With all your gaming buddies jumping on the Impetuos band wagon have you thought about a campaign?

JET (aka Jason) said...

Get out my head... damn voices...

In all seriousness, the Persians are the very project I'll be concentrating on (as well as building a greenhouse for my wife) I hope within the next couple of weeks to have at least a few painted Persian units posted to get the old fires buring again.

And yes... seeing the guys embrace the game is exciting. I can't wait until we haev enough to play a campaign.

Thanks for the comments,