Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ken Starts Ancient British (and other progress in the group)

Stu, Ken, and I got together tonight in the trusty geek room for a couple of hours to do some "work." Ken bought a 6mm Ancient British army pack years ago (around the same time I bought the Romans), and like me, threw them aside. Now that Impetus is starting to grow in the group, Ken can't resist, and has decided to make the double-plunge into both 6mm painting and ancients wargaming.

Ken and I worked out the list requirements and sorted models.

Stu sat by and diligently painted Spartans. They are coming along nicely.

I won't try to hide my excitement. Watching Impetus take a firm hold in the group is very exciting for me. I know that there are guys from our group, past and present, who never thought historical gaming would happen for us. It just goes to show, that when the time is right, and the right game comes along, anything can happen.

When Ken left, Stu and I continued discussing Impetus and 6mm gaming. I felt idle, and decided to get a little work done on the Black 13th Strike Team for my Warmachine army. These guys have a few fiddly bitz to get at, but compared to the Jeremiah Kraye model I just finished, I'm sure they'll be a walk in the park. Either way, I'm aiming to have them finished by this weekend. The next Warmachine tournament is getting closer.

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Keir said...

It's funny, I was just telling Ken tonight that I can't paint small miniatures cause I can't even se them, and he didn't even tell me that he'd been down to your place desecrating his paint-gods with those 6mm blobs.

Just joking. They're beautiful.

Keir said...

One of them must have stolen my "e".

TWR said...

Very interested to watch developments in your 6mm historical armies and games. Almost all my historical gaming is now 6mm though I am yet to start 6mm Ancients. I look forward to future posts.

yorkie said...

very nice blog, im also very interested to see how all the 6mm ancients turn out. I ordered Impetus this morning and am planning to do either WOTR, or greek/persian, (in 6mm).

great blog.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks for all the input gentlemen. It looks as if June will be the month when I redouble my 6mm efforts on the Persians. In the meantime, Ken's British and Chris H's Palmyrans are moving along. I think that before September there will be no shortage of Impetus opponents.


Keir said...

Jabus Critios,

Is this where the 6mm support group meets?

fireymonkeyboy said...


Sonofabitch! I have to move off the fuggin' island before y'all finally catch the bug?

I'm going to have to get MUN to hire me back . . . .

Props to Stu, btw, for gutting out the Spartans. They're going to lok spiffing when they're finished.