Sunday, May 3, 2009

Workbench Update: Jeremiah Kraye 70% complete

I had hoped to finish painting this model before bed tonight, but it wasn't meant to be. Company for supper, and a evening run of laziness defeated me in the end. However, I have made some progress. The blue portions of the model are more or less done, and I've started undercoating some more areas. I think one more good session would do the trick. I'll aim to have this model finished before bed tomorrow night.

And although this doesn't really have anything to do with painting or modelling, I thought I'd share the 33-point Cygnar list I used last night against Ken's Menoth army.

I fielded Stryker running two Lancers, a Squire, and a Sentinal, a Journeyman running my new Hunter, Strangeways marshalling a Defender, and a minimum unit of Mechaniks.

Ken brought the High Reclaimer, so I was VERY outnumbered. In short, he kept surrounding his core with Burning Ash templates, so shooting was out of the question. Instead, I had to concentrate on the the units as they approached me from the wings of his army, as I stayed behind an area of deep water. I won the game, but in the end found that I may have put one batch of damage on the wrong lancer, so the win was likely a bogus one.

By the end of the night, I had two of my longstanding beliefs reinforced:
  1. Cygnar warjacks are fantastic!
  2. It's time for the group to go back to using Chess timers.
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