Sunday, June 7, 2009

BFG Tournament Preparations

With the big Battlefleet Gothic tournament only a couple of weeks away, the lads and I thought it was time to start making some preparations. One of the first priorities was to familiarize ourselves with the rules again. Ken, Marc, Chris, and Chris played two small games while I sat nearby with rules in hand, and as a group, we hashed our way through any misunderstood sections.

As you can see, we haven't made any of the fancy terrain yet.

Empire (Marc) vs. Tau (Chris H.)

Eldar(Chris E.) vs. Chaos (Ken)

We also had a short "meeting" after the games and assigned the various tasks that need to be completed. Between five of us, we will have playing surfaces, outer space terrain, and enough game markers to outfit everyone playing on game day.

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OttoMunoz said...

Battlefleet Gothic looks really cool. My Bro and I are talking about the possibility of getting into it.

NLgamer said...

It's an easy game to get into and play. The model count isn't high plus you could build your own ships.